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Grey’s Anatomy Gave Sarah Drew & Jessica Capshaw a Sweet Parting Gift

We hate to do this to you since you’re probably still in recovery from last night’s Season 14 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, but prepare for more waterworks, superfans. After the tear-jerking episode aired, stars Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew revealed what their last official day of filming was like — and how the rest of the cast commemorated the end of the era of Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. April Kepner.

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ICYMI, Grey’s pulled a shocking stunt during the finale and didn’t kill off Arizona and April. This is clearly outside the norm for the medical drama, which has sent more than a few fan favorites to that big hospital in the sky, so to speak.

However, in a touching, fitting tribute to how much Capshaw and Drew (and their characters) have meant to the series and its fans, showrunner Shonda Rhimes showed rare mercy. Instead of seeing catastrophic deaths to end Arizona and April’s time at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, fans got to see them get their happy endings. Not surprisingly, their upbeat fates elicited all the feels (read: tears, lots and lots of tears).

And, as if you hadn’t cried enough already, the stars took to social media to share their beautiful goodbyes.

Drew posted a photo of the “extraordinary” moment the cast and crew presented the now-former Grey’s actors with memory boxes full of pictures and letters.

Using the post to give a shout-out back to the cast and crew, Drew explained, “Spending every moment on set for a full episode allowed me to see their tireless dedication and their extraordinary talent in a new way.” She stressed that “every single crew member is absolutely essential” to making Grey’s the monumental success it is and that the show’s crew is simply “the best.”

Drew also celebrated her affection for Capshaw on social media. “This one right here is a bright and shining light,” she wrote. “She sees the silver lining in every circumstance. She is a fiercely loyal friend who will help you navigate every twist and turn of life with intelligence, perspective, and real, practical, boots on the ground help. I’m so profoundly grateful that we got to walk through these 9 years and most especially these past two months together.”

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Are you crying yet? If not, Drew’s next few posts should do the trick. In the caption to a giant April photo set created by a fan, Drew shared just how difficult it was to say goodbye to her character. “I’ve lived with April nine months out of the year every year for nine years. She’s a part of me. I’m a part of her. Saying goodbye to her is big and deep and sad and beautiful and joyous. It’s all the feelings mashed up into one.”

Drew rounded out her social media shout-outs with a post discussing her growth over the course of her nine years at Grey’s

And a big thank-you to all of her fans.

Capshaw shared a whole slew of behind-the-scenes photos, videos, tributes and insight on her feed.

Grab a box of tissues and head over to Capshaw’s Instagram. Don’t hesitate to ugly-cry your eyeballs out — if anyone on Grey’s appreciated a good sobfest, it was April and Arizona. So, it’s only fitting, right?

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