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A Look Into Khloé Kardashian’s Future According to a Psychic

After reading the tarot cards to see what the future held for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the big wedding day, we wanted to check in with another celebrity we love whose life has changed in a few key ways in recent months: Khloé Kardashian.

Shortly before giving birth to her daughter, True Thompson, Kardashian’s life was thrown into disarray when her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, faced serious cheating allegations. Now, she’s focusing squarely on her duties as a new mom, moving her career forward — and possibly getting back to normal with Thompson. No matter which way you slice it, this is a lot for one person to handle, even if that person is Kardashian.

Given this hectic but wonderful new chapter in Kardashian’s life, we wanted to consult the tarot cards to see what the future held for her. To read Kardashian, we used the Bosch Tarot deck, which is based on the fantastical, intense artwork of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. This deck’s theme is ideal for examining Kardashian’s larger-than-life narrative while gingerly examining her own humanity, the real person who exists outside her public persona.

Kardashian is only a month into motherhood, the most delicate and vulnerable space for a woman to be in. With that, we chose not to create a spread to examine her present energy, but rather to choose a single card per question to create as accurate an answer as possible.

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Khloe Kardashian tarot reading

What’s in store for Kardashian & Thompson?

Card: King of Pentacles

Reading: The King of Pentacles reflects stability in the material world. These two are going to attempt to make their family work. Kardashian is in this for the long haul and has True’s future in mind. She will do what it takes, including couples therapy, to keep them all together. Kardashian has her eye on the prize. She sees the big picture of what she wants. She is willing to sacrifice and do what it takes to keep them together.

Will Kardashian ever get married again?

Card: 9 of Swords

Reading: No. The 9 of Swords is a tricky and painful card. Kardashian, while a romantic at heart, will keep her autonomy.

Will Kardashian have any more kids?

Card: The Lovers

Reading: Yes, when the Lovers card appears, future children are imminent. Kardashian will likely have two more little ones; however, chances are staggeringly high it will be with a different partner.

Khloe Kardashian Tarot reading

What will Kardashian’s next career move be?

Card: King of Swords

Reading: The King of Swords is about words and articulation. Kardashian’s next project will be a book project. She will express, explain and work through (almost like therapy) what motherhood feels like to her, how she is evolving and how she is dealing with Thompson. The act of collaborating with a ghostwriter will be a way for Kardashian to redefine her narrative. It will help her retell the story of this last year, this period of her life. Ultimately, by empowering herself, she will empower others. This is especially empowering for those of us who have walked in Kardashian’s shoes and relate to the sting of betrayal when we are at our most vulnerable selves.

Is the end of Keeping Up with the Kardashians near?

Card: 9 of Wands

Reading: The 9 of Wands is close to an ending. The tarot minor cards wind down by the number 10, the number of endings and finality. Yes, the end of the show is near but the Kardashians will, of course, live on in new iterations.

What will Kardashian’s daughter, True Thompson, grow up to be?

Card: 5 of Wands

Reading: An athlete! The 5 of Wands carries the energy of sparring, games and activity. True will become quite the sportswoman. She will be gifted, high energy and follow in her father’s footsteps.

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Wow, these cards surprised us as much as they likely surprised you. Do you think Kardashian and Thompson will make it work? Could Kardashian be planning a book as her next big career move? Only time will tell.

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