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Sarah Drew’s New Movie Will Be a Mini Grey’s Anatomy Reunion

You’re still reeling from the penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy last week — we totally get it. In fact, we’re right there with you. Since the episode didn’t end in utter disaster, though, we’re trying to be grateful. And you know what helps? Finding out that Sarah Drew, who plays the inimitable April Kepner, won’t be out of our sight for long. She may no longer roam the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but she’s already got a new movie in the works… and it will feature a few faces very familiar to Grey’s fans.

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After Thursday’s episode aired, Drew headed to Twitter to let fans in on a big secret about what’s in store for the actor now that her time on Grey’s has come to an end (*sob*).

“I’m super excited to share the trailer for my new film, Indivisible, which will be in theaters October 26th! I had the awesome opportunity of acting in this film and producing it as well. You’ll recognize some familiar faces in the trailer!” Drew posted, along with a link to the film’s teaser trailer.

The film — which has the tagline “one marriage, one family, under God” — appears to be in the vein of Christian family dramas such as 2008’s Fireproof and 2015’s War Room. According to the logline on IMDb, the movie follows U.S. Army chaplain Darren Turner, who returns from service only to suffer a crisis of faith and family.

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Here’s the best part: Darren Turner is played by Grey’s Justin Bruening. And you know who plays his wife, Heather Turner? None other than our girl Drew. Given that Bruening and Drew’s characters on Grey’s just fell back in love and survived a near-fatal car accident together, the fact that they will be starring in a feature film together as husband and wife is almost too perfect for words.

The Grey’s nostalgia doesn’t end there, though. Jason George, whose Ben Warren recently shifted from Grey’s to the spinoff Station 19, will appear alongside Bruening and Drew as a man named Michael Turner — presumably, someone who helps Bruening’s character come to terms with his crisis.

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So, rejoice, Grey’s fans! Yes, we’re losing one of the most beloved characters in the show’s history. However, we are getting something in exchange: Drew, expanding her creative scope. Hollywood needs more strong female perspectives at the helm, and we have no doubt Drew could be one of those voices.

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