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This Bachelorette Couple Finally Reveals Wedding Plans

After three years of relaxing, growing in their loving relationship and becoming one of Bachelor Nation’s most beloved couples, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are finally talking about their wedding like it’s officially happening. Sure, Bristowe and Booth have dropped vague hints about their wedding over the last few years, but they’ve never given fans the impression that they’re rushing to the altar to seal the deal. But now? Now we might finally have something to work with.

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The former Bachelorette star recently chatted with E! News, and during that conversation, she opened up about the weddings and some thoughts she had about the big day.

“We just want all of our closest friends and family there,” Bristowe explained. “All you ever hear from people who got married is how stressful planning is and how fast the day goes. We don’t wanna get caught up in the colors, flowers, all that stuff. We wanna be laid back and enjoy it for what weddings are supposed to be about: celebrating our love in front of loved ones.”

She also dropped this cute detail into her wedding day insights: “We would 110 percent write our own vows. It means so much to hear what the other person feels in that moment — in their words.”

While she and Booth have yet to set a date or even put any of their plans in motion, it’s clear that the wedding will come one of these days, and until then, they’re just here to have fun. A perfect example: their recent Instagram posts celebrating their three-year anniversary.

In Bristowe’s sentimental Instagram post, she wrote about the journey that she and Booth have been on since their Bachelorette days and why she’s still so taken with him all these years later.

“3 years ago we were on a show that has the most extravagant dates, allows people to travel the world, and makes you fall in love in perfect settings. But the truth is I fell in love even harder after all of that was gone. We have traveled, created so many memories and traditions, with whatever setting we are in,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Booth took the opportunity to make a joke about Bristowe wanting to keep their brand strong by tagging what she’s wearing so their fans would know in his commemorative anniversary post: “Celebrating 3 years with this gorgeous woman. She told me to tell you her ‘romper’ is tagged .. and if you’re wondering, my socks are from Reebok.”

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Bristowe and Booth may want to rethink their decision not to set a wedding date. These anniversary posts show just how cute their love story is and why we want to see more of it as it plays out through wedding planning and the celebration of the big day. Let’s make this happen, you guys!

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