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The One Big Bang Theory Wedding Moment You Didn’t See

The wedding of the season finally happened, and it was on The Big Bang Theory. Thursday night’s episode, “The Bow Tie Asymmetry,” was dedicated to Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. It was nothing short of an emotional roller coaster, full of sentimental moments and supremely good celebrity cameos. But, before we revisit all of the wedding magic that actually made it into the episode, we need to talk about the one moment viewers didn’t see. It might just be the most touching scene TBBT has ever made.

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On Friday, the morning after the episode aired, the Big Bang Theory Twitter account posted a deleted scene with Sheldon, Amy, Leonard and Penny that showed the newlyweds opening gifts from their wedding guests. One present, it was soon revealed, was from Dr. Stephen Hawking, who died in March. Prepare yourself; this is about to get really emotional.

In the scene, Amy picks up a present from the gift pile and sees it’s from Hawking. Leonard comments, “He must have sent it before he died.” As Sheldon pulls the gift from the box, Amy remarks that Hawking gave the couple a pocket watch and wrote an inscription on the watch face’s cover.

Sheldon reads the inscription aloud: “Sheldon, I’m so glad you finally married Amy. It’s about time. Ha, ha, ha. Love, Stephen.” Cue all the waterworks from us!

Fans commented similarly, noting how good and beautiful the scene is and wondering why TBBT hadn’t left it in.

Hawking was an occasional guest star on the massively successful CBS sitcom, appearing in a handful of episodes between 2012 and 2017. While the cast of TBBT paid tribute to Hawking after his death, this scene is a truly touching flourish added to an already sentimental episode (even if it didn’t make it into the final cut).

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However, the scenes that did make it into the episode were nothing short of perfect. It was revealed that Mark Hamill (playing a fictional version of himself) was actually Sheldon and Amy’s wedding officiant, while previously announced guest actors Kathy Bates and silent showman Teller appeared as Amy’s parents. Sheldon had a loving heart-to-heart with his mom, played by a returning Laurie Metcalfe. And, best of all, Sheldon and Amy were surrounded by the entire TBBT gang.
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This event had been a long time coming in Amy and Sheldon’s TBBT storyline, so finally seeing it all play out was a great way for the characters to close one chapter and begin another as newlyweds. It really was about time.

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