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The This Is Us Family Group Text Is So Relatable

Group texts are a defining form of communication for plenty of families nowadays, and the This Is Us cast (which is basically a family at this point) is no exception. Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth Pearson on the show, recently revealed to Us Weekly that the cast has an active group chat that she described as “bananas” — and we can only imagine the kinds of antics they get up to considering how much time the Pearson family spend together off-screen.

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Watson told Us, “Mostly it’s catching up with people. We see someone’s doing something fabulous like with [Chrissy Metz’s] book or Mandy [Moore] climbing Kilimanjaro or somebody’s birthday or Sterling [K. Brown] on SNL.”

Some of our favorite instances of the cast staying in touch and supporting one another even when they’re not on set include the following: when Mandy Moore lost a fight with her shower door in September, her on-screen hubby, Milo Ventimiglia, had makeup artist Zoe Hay give him a black eye to match — then sent Moore a photo of himself, Hay and hair stylist Michael Preitz all sporting them just to make her feel better; when Watson went on Moore’s bachelorette road trip to Big Sur in April; and when Watson attended the Time 100 Gala on April 25 with honoree and costar Sterling K. Brown.

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Watson later added, “Sometimes we see something funny, and we throw it up on there [and] like say, ‘Hey, this is your cousin.’ Like something stupid. We just like to have fun and keep in touch.”

Watson in particular is photographed supporting her costars pretty frequently — which is awesome since it points to them supporting each other as a family off-screen as much as on-screen. This Is Us Season 3 doesn’t premiere until the fall, and the cast hasn’t begun filming yet, and we’re sure they’re busy. The fact that they have a group chat to keep up with each other is super-relatable.

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