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Olivia Munn’s Mother’s Day Gift Is So Extra, But You’ll Love It Anyway

Mother’s Day is right around the corner — have you gotten your mom a gift yet? Olivia Munn has stayed vigilant and already given her mom a pretty out-of-this-world gift, so if you need any ideas for your own gift giving, you might want to take a page out of her book. Be forewarned: It’s a very next-level kind of gift, so you might not be able to do exactly as Munn does, but we’ll applaud you if you try.

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It’s not often that we hear about Munn’s parents, but Mother’s Day has provided fans with a unique opportunity to get a more intimate look at her family and more specifically her relationship with her mother. Munn’s very tight bond with her mom led her to team up with Houzz for their series, My Houzz, where a celebrity works with the home design company to gift a home renovation to a family member or friend who they feel deserves it. Munn chose her mother, and as a result, we not only get to see what kind of design choices Munn makes for her mom and her mom’s reaction to the renovation, but we also get to hear more about Munn’s life with her mom growing up.

The episode, available on the Houzz TV YouTube channel, begins with Munn explaining why she chose her mom for the surprise renovation and giving viewers a bit of insight into their relationship.

“She’s going to be her, no matter where you are, and I think that’s what’s made us so close,” she stated, explaining at another point in the preinterview, “I want to give this renovation to my mother because if there’s anybody in the world I think deserves it, it’s her. […] My mother and all of her uniqueness has definitely shaped who I am today. I think the thing that I’ve learned most from my mother is how to be strong. Thank God my mom always instilled this feeling of self-worth in me and that I knew my dreams mattered, even if they were close to impossible. Without that, I never would’ve tried it in Hollywood.”

There are a lot of fun things for home renovation nerds to get excited over in the episode (HGTV fans, this means you!), but the best part of the episode is undoubtedly the big reveal with Munn’s mom by her side. From the minute they step into the house, Munn’s mom is so overjoyed with the transformation. Watching her flit about the house to check out every new detail is so precious and pure — you honestly might feel compelled to call you mom and connect with her after seeing this part.

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So, yeah, we admit that Munn’s Mother’s Day gift was a little extra. But that reaction shot and the meaning behind the renovation makes it all worth it, don’t you think?

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