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Charlize Theron Commenting on The Bachelor Is All of Us

Charlize Theron is an active member of Bachelor Nation, and she’s not afraid to let her opinions loose when the time is right. So if a Bachelor has somehow offended Theron — even if they’re not entirely aware of doing so — it’s best to pray for their well-being; she’s likely to drag them through the mud without thinking twice.

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This was exactly what happened on Monday night on Watch What Happens Live. While there to promote her latest film, Tully, Theron was asked for her opinions on the way the season finale of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor season went down. Her answers are nothing short of shady as heck.

Theron immediately voiced support for Becca Kufrin. “She is so much better off,” Theron told host Andy Cohen.

She then commented on Luyendyk, saying, “I mean, literally, he — not impressive. Not impressed with him at all.” Jeez, Theron. Tell us how you really feel, why dontcha!

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After managing to tear apart Luyendyk in one fell swoop, she returned back to championing Kufrin. “I think she’s going to be great,” she told Cohen. “She’s fun, and I think she handled the whole thing so well too, because that was the most awkward watching experience of my life. It was just, like, brutal, and she just kept it together and had integrity about it.”

Her final words on the matter were directed solely at Luyendyk: “He just looked like a fucking dick!”

It’s not hyperbole at all to say Theron’s sharp rebuke of Luyendyk is basically how we all feel. After the nightmare of a season finale of The Bachelor, Kufrin definitely deserves this win. It’s good to see that Theron is in her corner all the way.

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We’re sure Theron will be watching when Kufrin’s Bachelorette season premieres on May 28.

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