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This New Westworld Character Could Change Everything

Westworld is always mysterious and odd, so the addition of one more elusive character shouldn’t make much of a difference, right? Well, maybe wrong! One woman’s appearance in Sunday’s episode has caused fans to light up with theories — could Grace, played by Dutch actress Katja Herbers, in fact be Emily, the daughter of William, the Man in Black?

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Viewers have only heard one sound-bite about Emily in the entire run of the show — William said something about his daughter blaming him for her mother’s suicide. That very comment led us to believe William and his daughter are estranged. But during one of Dolores’ flashbacks, she sees the young Emily with her father at a retirement party for James Delos. So, William brought his daughter along to a party like that? Clearly, we were meant to understand something about her from that little glimpse. Like, maybe they’re not really estranged after all.

Here’s where things get interesting. Refinery29 pointed out that if Emily was a child during that retirement party, which was about 25 years ago, she’d be the same age as this new character, “Grace.” On top of that, Grace appears to bring her own knowledge to the park. In her encounter with another guest, Nicholas, she seems very aware of her surroundings and how the park is supposed to operate.

But Grace is hanging out in Raj World, the park’s version of colonial India. Could it be that she doesn’t want to run into her father and knows that he is strictly interested in Westworld?

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Of course, there are other theories about Grace. For one, she could just be one of Westworld’s high-ranking gamers. In the last fall’s casting announcement for the character, she’s described as a “seasoned guest” of the park who has the ability to both kill a host and escape a tiger display. You’d have to know your way around the game to do that. So, sure, she could be a high-ranking gamer, but maybe she only got that way because her father, William, dragged her all around the park as he went on his own personal vision quest.

Another theory suggests Grace is Dr. Ford’s granddaughter. That would explain both her wealth of knowledge about the park and her curiosity about what’s going wrong. And in what was perhaps an error on the actor’s part, Herbers did confess that she was excited to be filming with actors like Anthony Hopkins. But wait — Ford is supposed to be dead. Does that mean we’re going to see him return in some flashbacks with Grace perhaps?

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Knowing Westworld, we’re going to have to wait seven more episodes until the finale to have any great mystery revealed, so for the meantime, all we know for sure about Grace is what we see — she’s a smart, savvy, suspicious woman who clearly has her own agenda. In other words, she just like everyone else visiting Westworld.

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