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This Country Star Is Defending Her 2-Year-Old Daughter From Internet Trolls

You can say a lot of things to country star Jana Kramer, but you shouldn’t criticize her daughter. That’s the message the singer and actor is attempting to convey in a new interview with Us Weekly. While Kramer understands that putting herself in the spotlight can open her up to criticism, she, like many celebrity parents, totally and understandably draws the line at unknown adults coming for her daughter.

“There’s not much that you’re gonna say that’s gonna hurt my feelings,” she told the magazine. “Unless it’s about my child. […] I’m with her 24/7. Don’t question my motherhood. It just makes me really angry.”

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Like many celebrities, Kramer shares photos of her family on Instagram regularly. But sadly, the singer’s 2-year-old daughter, Jolie, has become the unsuspecting target of mommy-shamers and internet trolls recently. Just one example of this can be seen in a recent post showing her cuddling with her daughter before bed, one commenter wrote, “Hard but spouse is supposed to be the #1.”

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Image: Jana Kramer/Instagram

Although there are many, many positive comments, it can be hard to focus on those and ignore the haters, though Kramer says she tries. “I try to take the high road, but there are certain times if it’s about my daughter, I’ll say something,” she told Us Weekly.

This was the case when she showed some of that frustration soon after the birth of her daughter and several internet jerks came after her for buying baby food in jars. “And it begins. #babyfood,” she captioned a photo of a grocery store checkout full of baby food jars.

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And it begins. #babyfood

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Commenters told her she should be making her own baby food from scratch rather than feeding Jolie store-bought food. Kramer wasn’t having it, and the same day she posted a photo of a note written back to her haters. “Dear Mommy Shamers, Unless you are Jolie’s doctor, her father or her mom, do NOT tell me how to raise my child or how to feed her. Sincerely, Jolie’s MOM,” she wrote.

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Now, trolls are coming after Kramer’s new podcast, which just launched yesterday, and claiming she stole the idea from a similar YouTube vlog. “You do know you’re in the process of being sued right? It’s so easy to be original. Why would you steal someone else’s concept?” said one commenter. “Thief thief thief…,” wrote another. “You have no personality and you’re not original.”

Kramer answered back right away, with a post of her and her daughter and a stern caption. “This is MY podcast. This is MY life. So to the people out there who think I ‘stole’ an idea. How can you steal ur life? I support everyone but I don’t support bullies or people that attack me or call me mean names.”

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What my podcast is about…..MY CHILD. MY LIFE. MOM LIFE. MY MARRIAGE. Winding down with my moms and talking about what’s an opinion verse mommy shaming. My mommy fantasies. Sex. And yes how my child WHINES. This is MY podcast. This is MY life. So to the people out there who think I “stole” an idea. How can you steal ur life? I support everyone but I don’t support bullies or people that attack me or call me mean names. I never heard of her vlog and it’s COMPLETELY different and I would have listened but I’ve been not only attacked but called mean names so I don’t support someone like that. To all the moms out there who want to whine down with me after a long day of ur kids whining and u want to just catch up and chat about it all then I hope u subscribe and love it. I have always loved sharing my life with y’all even when it’s hard so I can’t wait to talk about it all!!!!!! My podcast is avail on all formats. Link in bio. 📸 by @valoriedarling

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From where we’re standing it’s tough to figure out where all the hate is coming from. What we see is a strong woman who’s fierce in defending her family, career and choice to live life on her terms. That’s nothing to be criticizing. We support Kramer in her belief that it’s OK, sometimes, to clap back. Keep on, girl!

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