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Chrissy Teigen Did What Chrissy Teigen Does Best Last Night — Trolled the Met Gala

While there were plenty of stars on the 2018 Met Gala’s red carpet on Monday night, one celebrity couple’s conspicuous absence was felt: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The pair opted to stay home, with Us Weekly noting that the impending birth of their baby boy would make an appearance this year tough. But just because Teigen stayed home didn’t mean she was going to sit back and let the evening pass her by. Instead, Teigen trolled the event in her signature hilarious style on social media.

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The fun kicked off when a Twitter follower asked whether she was attending the event this year, Teigen gave the short version on her attendance status: “Was supposed to but too risky :(“

From there, Teigen proceeded to post some very amusing Instagrams focused on her beauty routine for her at-home Met Gala look. She started by posting a photo of her lying on the couch playing a game while Vanderpump Rules played in the background.

“Waiting for my turn on the red carpet at #metgala!!!!” she captioned the picture, which showed off her bare baby bump.

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Teigen went on to mock the excess of some beauty tutorials by explaining how she got her glamorous, fresh look for the night with a caption full of hashtags and enthusiasm. The side shot of her hair up in a ponytail explained, “First I shampooed my #hair yesterday with #shampoo then I let it sit for 4 minutes while I #shaved the areas I could see on my #body. Next, I used a #towel to dry my hair from roots to ends!! Then I used a #rubberband to secure my hair into a pony that I was careful not to pull out all the way!”

Good golly, a rubber band? Say it isn’t so!

Then, she got up close and personal with a fresh-faced photo on her couch, captioned, “I was gonna do a makeup breakdown but I’m honestly just very jealous I’m not there.”

She and Legend have been regulars at the Gala for a few years now. In 2017, they showed up in matching black and white. Teigen wore a lacy white Marchesa dress with a sheer black train while Legend rocked a black-and-white tux combo.

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Teigen is in the last month of her pregnancy, with her baby boy due in June. Even though she couldn’t attend this year’s Met Gala, her version of coverage for the special event was even better than we expected.

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