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Luke Bryan Made a Not-So-Funny Joke About Katy Perry

Pregnancy. Rumors. Must. Stop.

There. We said it. Why are they even a thing? Why is society so obsessed with knowing if a woman is pregnant even before she’s ready to announce it? And why — we repeat — why did Luke Bryan think it’d be funny to start a pregnancy rumor about Katy Perry? Well, kind of.

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Us Weekly reports that during a live Idol taping on Sunday, reporters asked Perry about her recent trip to the Vatican with Orlando Bloom, where the couple met the pope. Before she could make a peep, Bryan said, “And she’s pregnant!” Then he backtracked, adding, “I’m just playing!”

Perry wasn’t laughing — honestly, neither are we. “I’ll have some private conversations with him and his manager after this,” Perry said. “The only thing I’m pregnant with is an In-N-Out burger right after this.” And when he tried to joke with her again, she said, “Don’t talk to me.”

Look, we know Bryan probably didn’t mean any harm by the joke — but it was still a pretty stupid thing to say. Pregnancy rumors start at the drop of a hat, and in today’s world of clickbait and social media character cutoffs, things get taken out of context all the time. He may have just wanted to make Perry or the reporters laugh, but the joke was ill timed and probably shouldn’t have been made at all, especially given Perry’s history of silly pregnancy rumors.

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In 2016, Bloom rubbed Perry’s belly at a UNICEF gala — you know where that led. A representative for the couple shut those pregnancy rumors down, but time is a flat circle, and female celebrities are constantly objectified, judged and questioned, especially about their appearances and their romantic lives — heck, Jennifer Aniston’s probably been “pregnant” at least two dozen times now!

Hopefully, Bryan won’t make such a wild statement again — we’re sure Perry already set him straight on why he shouldn’t.

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