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Jessica Biel Isn’t Completely Done With The Sinner, but She Has Been Replaced

While it’s hard to imagine The Sinner without Jessica Biel, the hit show has reportedly cast a new female lead. In place of Biel’s Cora character arc, fans will watch drama surrounding The Leftover‘s Carrie Coon unfold. Per The Hollywood Reporter, USA Network tapped the critically acclaimed actress to bring to life a “formidable and mysterious woman” named Vera.

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Fans of Biel don’t have to shed any tears for her, however. Although Biel — who earned a Golden Globe nomination for the role — won’t be starring in The Sinner’s second season, she will stay on to executive produce it.

So, in addition to Coon’s casting, what else do we know about the new season?

Well, for starters, one very familiar face from the first season will be back in a lead role: Bill Pullman as Detective Harry Ambrose. Hooray for that news! But now that he’s helped Cora solve her inexplicable rage and find peace, he’ll be turning his attention to a new case. This one involves a particularly unsettling premise: An 11-year-old boy murders his parents, and like Cora, he doesn’t appear to have a motive.

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The Sinner‘s fans well know that Detective Ambrose struggles with personal demons, though. In the second season, he may come face-to-face with them as this new case forces him to return to his hometown (and all the people rooting against him there).

How Coon’s enigmatic Vera enters the picture is unclear, other than to say she is somehow linked to the case in a way that Detective Ambrose can’t get around.

And despite the fact that Biel won’t be starring in the second season, she is clearly still invested in its success. On Tuesday, the actor and executive producer posted a short teaser video of a car parked on the side of the road, doors ajar and lights blinking as ominous music plays. Biel captioned the clip, “Summer. Sinner. Season 2.”

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Summer. Sinner. Season 2.

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Oh, we are here for it. And who knows? Maybe part of The Sinner‘s second-season mystery will be a cameo by Cora. A fan can dream!

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