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Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth Just Came Out, & Wow

There are a lot of reasons to be in total awe of Kelly Clarkson. She has boatloads of musical talent, she has a goofy, endearing charisma that makes her totally relatable and she’s dominating television right now as one of the judges on The Voice. But at the moment, the biggest reason is Clarkson’s net worth, which has recently been revealed.

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On Thursday, Elite Daily reported Clarkson’s numbers. Unlike many other American Idol alums, Clarkson is sitting pretty on a pile of cash in the sum of $28 million. Pretty comfortable — and her earnings show no signs of stopping. She could return to The Voice, she’s continuing to make music and she’ll be hosting the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. We wouldn’t be surprised if “financial domination” and “Kelly Clarkson” become synonymous, the way this trend is going.

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This kind of net worth is somewhat unheard of in the American Idol community, as Elite Daily emphasizes. However, that fact also manages to tell us a lot about the level of success that Clarkson has achieved since she left the show. She’s the second highest-selling American Idol alum, right after Carrie Underwood. The singers’ record sales total somewhere around 14 million copies and 16 million copies, respectively; Chris Daughtry, the third highest-selling artist, comes in at around 7 million copies. That seriously huge gap shows that Clarkson is incredibly profitable after eight albums, numerous tours and plenty of TV appearances.

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So, say what you want about Clarkson. She’ll just be sitting pretty with her mini-mountain of cash, her incredibly successful career and all the good vibes the world has to offer.

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