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Céline Dion Appeared in the Weirdest, Best Music Video of 2018

Céline Dion is truly one of the greatest singers in the world, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make fun of herself from time to time. That’s why she’s the perfect artist to sing what will be the theme song for the anti-superhero movie, Deadpool 2, starring fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds.

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The video for the single, “Ashes,” was released on Thursday on Good Morning America. It’s glorious, a bit weird and very epic, and we are here for every single silly minute of it. Before presenting the video to the world, GMA coanchor Lara Spencer told viewers, “They told us that Deadpool himself wrote Céline a letter asking if she would like to be part of his ‘masterpiece,’ and after she heard 30 seconds of the song, she was sold.”

The track shows off her signature ballad style, and Dion doesn’t hold back on the schmaltz in this video. The clip opens up with Dion onstage at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace singing to an empty theater. She’s in a glowing, crystal-blue gown, a necessity for any power ballad. In between scenes from the film, we get close-ups of Dion emoting hardcore in classic Dion fashion.

About a minute-and-a-half into the video, she’s joined by Deadpool. who gives his best interpretative dance while wearing his trademark bodysuit and audacious high-heel boots. While we are pretty sure this isn’t Reynolds dancing, it fits right in with the irreverent tone of his character. Deadpool gives us spins in his heels, rolls on the floor and dramatically reaches to the sky while he dances around an emotional Dion. It’s exactly the music video we didn’t know we needed — Deadpool dancing with abandon to a Céline Dion power ballad.

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The Canadian duo even gives us amazing banter at the end to cap off the video on a perfect note. After complimenting Dion on her performance, Deadpool asks her to do it again since it was too darn good.

“Yeah, this is Deadpool 2, not Titanic. You’re at, like, an 11. We need to get you down to a five, five-and-a-half tops. Just phone it in,” says Deadpool.

Dion then points to her vocal chords and replies, “Listen, this thing only goes to 11. So beat it, Spider-Man.”

“God, I should have asked ‘NSYNC,” he retorts.

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Dion and Reynolds both shared the video with their fans on Twitter. While Dion lovingly introduced the video, Reynolds simply caption his tweet with a cheeky, “Showtime, Mama.” Gosh, these two!

There’s a lot to love about this music video. From the banter to the song to the actual action that takes place, this music video only makes us even more excited for Deadpool 2’s release on May 18 — and has us wondering when these two will pair up again on a project. Don’t keep us waiting, you two.

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