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What Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Look Like Now vs. When They Eloped 22 Years Ago

May 1 was a big day for Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Television’s golden couple celebrated 22 years of marriage, a not-so-insignificant achievement if you ask us. Long-lasting marriages are a rare thing in Hollywood, but Ripa and Consuelos have been devoted to one another since day one and have delighted us over the years. They’ve built successful careers, primarily in television, and they have created a lovely home life for themselves with their three children, Lola, Michael and Joaquin. But just how much as changed in the 22 years since they eloped? Are you ready for amazing comparison photos of the couple in 2018 vs. 1996?

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Ripa kicked off the celebration on Tuesday by posting a video on her Instagram with the rather saucy caption, “Feliz Aniversario lover! 22 years. You’re a human roller coaster that luckily I’m tall enough to ride.” The video slideshow gives us a peek into the more private moments in Ripa and Consuelos’ marriage over the years, including snapshots from their elopement. It’s just about the cutest thing you’ll see all week, so don’t feel bad if you want to watch it on repeat a couple of times.

Consuelos took the more conventional route for his celebratory anniversary post on Instagram, choosing to put up a photo set. His caption wasn’t quite as saucy as his wife’s but it was still playful and sweet. “5-1-96,” he wrote, “happy 22nd anniversary, Boo…seems like yesterday to me… I’m sure it feels a lot longer to you…(honeymoon photo Capri, Italy…we’re still banned from that hotel… it was worth it).” It starts with a photo of the couple from their younger years, and it’s kinda hard to believe that the first photo is them from 22 years ago because, uh, they haven’t aged a bit.

But on top of being ageless, beautiful humans, Ripa and Consuelos have always been 100 percent in love with one another. No scandals, no worries of a split, nada. Instead, they’re posting about FaceTiming in bed and getting cute about one another in interviews. For example, in September 2016, Consuelos told Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, “We really dig each other. I’m really crazy about her. […] I’m bananas over my wife.”

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Whatever may be the key to making a loving marriage last, these two have found it. Congrats to Ripa and Consuelos, and here’s to the next 22 exciting years.

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