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Is Becca’s Bachelorette Promo the Best Yet?

It’s springtime again, which means the sun is warm, the birds are singing and a new Bachelorette is ready to find love on her own terms. ABC just dropped the first promo for Becca Kufrin’s season, and they’re sending a clear message about how this publicist is going to handle her season as The Bachelorette. As Kufrin seeks to reclaim her narrative in Bachelor Nation, the promotional materials we’re seeing make it clear she’s here, she’s an independent woman and she’s taking no prisoners.

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Just a week before, The Bachelorette released an awesome poster promoting the series with Kufrin striking a power pose in a gorgeous slinky dress behind the words “Let’s do the damn thing.” It’s a poster unlike any we’ve seen before, with lots of attitude and Kufrin looking straight into the camera, powerful and prepared.

If that weren’t enough, the promo teaser that was released on Monday is sure to get that message across loud and clear. Take a look and see for yourself.

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More important, Becca certainly isn’t the first strong woman to grace this series. Rachel Lindsay and Kaitlyn Bristowe were both forces of nature. Bristowe even broke the internet by having sex in the fantasy suite before the show’s sanctioned night. Andi Dorfman was having no excuses, and even JoJo Fletcher, sweet as she was, held her own. Let’s see how the show promoted them.

Lindsay’s promotion focused on the very basic tagline, “That’s my girl,” which totally subjugated her to the male suitors on the show before the show even hit the air. It was kind of an insult to the smart mind and hard work that made her an attorney.

And then there’s Bristowe. Poor Bristowe actually had the word “cray” in her promo, and it focused on the fact that there were two Bachelorettes, but didn’t communicate a thing about either one of them.
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While Fletcher got words like “boss” and “confident” included in her promo, they also cast her as the victim of a bad, bad man who was just willing to “get back up on the unicorn”? We know the series wants to present themselves as a fantasyland, but that just makes her sound nuts.
So, what’s with the girl power messaging this year? It’s quite possibly a reaction to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements sweeping the country. No show faces as much criticism for its treatment of women as The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette walks a fine line too as they try to sell the traditional princess dream of romance and love. Regardless, this year’s promo is head and shoulders above previous years.

Maybe they’ll be making some changes to the overall show this year. We don’t know yet since they’re keeping information tightly under wraps, but we’ll be watching to see if they take any of the shifting cultural perspectives into consideration when the first episode of the new season airs on May 28.

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