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We Talked to a Psychic About Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Future

The royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is coming up on May 19, and while there’s been a flurry of excitement in the months since the couple announced their engagement in 2017, we know almost every detail you could possibly know, from the cake to who will be attending to who’s part of the bridal party. But there are still details about Harry and Markle’s future relationship that would typically be impossible to know — unless, say, you talk to a psychic.

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SheKnows called upon Sasha Graham, a metaphysical author and TV host who “delights in combining the wisdom of tarot with culinary arts and bringing magic home to you,” to answer some of those questions for us. What will their lives be like behind closed doors? Will Markle get along with her new in-laws? Will she ever be tempted to return to television? You want the answers, and we’ve got them now.

Using the Prisma Visions tarot deck, Graham aligned her energy with Harry and Markle’s. She shuffled the deck and drew cards to get a holistic vision of their future together. She also pulled individual cards for each royal, and while it may sound a little far-fetched, the answers Graham got from the cards are too intriguing not to read.

Here we go.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's future told

Question: Who is Meghan, and why are she and Harry so good together?

Card: 9 of Cups

Meaning: Meghan holds a shimmering, glittering magic inside of her.

Reading: We look to our own lives and can bring to mind people who always seemed somehow special or marked. Meghan is that “it” girl. She has an X factor. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know it when you see a girl like this. She’s different; she’s special. This is why she captures our attention.

Besides Meghan’s obvious physical beauty, she is a woman who has endured and persevered through many great challenges in her life, moving forward to greet each challenge head-on. She cultivates the good in any situation. Meghan knows that deep lessons spring from adversity, and she uses these challenges to evolve. Because she innately uses adversity and challenge to propel her forward, she tends to face each day with a clean slate and a fresh start. It is this exuberance and deep wisdom that she has used to connect the dots of her life and step into her destiny as a member of the royal family.

Card: 4 of Cups

MeaningHarry is also aspected by the suit of Cups. He is emotionally attuned to Meghan, and they share a similar interior life.

Reading: They understood each other from the moment they first met. Excitement, attraction and romance tethered them together, as it does for all new lovers. Underneath the whirlwind excitement and passion in the beginning of any new relationship, they had a deep emotional understanding and a recognition of each other.

Harry has dealt with the extraordinary circumstances of his birth, and Meghan shows Harry how to put his pressures and challenges to use. At the end of the day, she is like an emotional bandage for him. She helps him feel better about who he is when he’s feeling dark. She is like a ray of light. In return, he takes excellent care of her in every way that he can. Even when he is unsuccessful, he makes the effort. This effort and kindness mean the world to Meghan.

Question: What will their first year of marriage look like?

Card: Queen of Pentacles

MeaningCreating their home.

Reading: Harry and Meghan understand that setting up a strong and powerful foundation is the key to success in their heavily scrutinized, super-public marriage. They recognize the importance of privacy and barriers and the difference between public life and private life. The single issue they will focus on the most in their first year is structure: how to make home feel like home, what role each of them will have, how each can best support the other and how will they set up their future with children. They also work hard at having fun!

Meghan takes wonderful care of Harry, especially when her needs are met. When she is indulged, feeling wonderful and made to feel like a princess, that’s when she’s there to support him 100 percent. He works hard to be thoughtful and to surprise her with things she loves, and she repays his thoughtfulness by showering him with love.

Question: What mundane things do they argue about behind closed doors?

Card: Queen of Wands

MeaningPassions run high!

Reading: Meghan and Harry are both extremely territorial. Jealousy marks their passion. Typical fights and squabbles usually stem from the fact that Meghan feels slighted if she perceives that Harry did something without thinking of her. In reality, Harry’s slights are unintentional, and he always makes it up to her with gifts or kind actions once she makes her feelings clear. Each of them has unresolved issues surrounding previous relationships (who doesn’t?), and they continue to work through them together. Jealousy sparks fights, only to be resolved in juicy makeup sex.

Question: What larger life obstacles will they face and have to overcome?

Card: Knight of Pentacles

MeaningHarry’s royal role.

Reading: The biggest obstacle will always be that Harry is part of the royal family as an institution and that there are ways in which his life is not his own.

Question: When will they start having kids?

Card: King of Swords

MeaningThey will begin immediately.

Reading: They are excited and ready to start a family. Fertility treatments may lead to the prospect of having twins. Two children, one boy and one girl, are certainly in their future. This aligns beautifully with the family Meghan imagined for herself.

Question: Will Meghan ever return to TV?

Card: Death

Meaning: No.

Reading: Meghan will not return to traditional career acting. This chapter of her life is closed as she assumes her royal role. She will continue to grace television, magazines and tabloids.

Meghan continues to be the actress inside the family, however. She is a performer at heart. At family gatherings, when the royal kiddies and cousins put on plays and shows for each other, Meghan is right in the center, directing them, offering theater exercises and joining in their fun helping to put on shows.

Question: What will Meghan’s life’s work become?

Card: 8 of Pentacles

Meaning: Princess Diana 2.0: A philanthropist and advocate for women and children.

Reading: Meghan extends her natural talents to embark on charity work and causes that heal the world. She understands the royal role and the opportunity that comes with it. She recognizes that she has an image, a public perception that has little to do with who she is as an individual. She knows her symbolic role allows her to become an advocate for change, hope and love in the world.

Her life’s work and desire to break down racial barriers evolves into empowering women and children. This focus also leads to environmental work.

Meghan has great empathy, like Princess Diana. This similarity is one of the reasons Harry loves her and is attracted to her. Princess Diana’s legacy will live on through Meghan’s advocacy.

Question: What kind of marriage will they have?

Card: The Hierophant

MeaningAlways appropriate.

Reading: The marriage is strong. The couple is resourceful. They are both ready to meet all challenges that arise. Interestingly, what could be considered a great stress — marriage for all the world to see — becomes their solace. Even during tough times (and we’ve all faced these times in a relationship), it is the institution of the royal family, their sense of obligation and duty, that keeps them together and solid when other couples might fall apart.

Meghan is a dreamer, an intuitive, an inquisitive and fanciful woman who will continue to make Harry laugh until they are old and gray. Harry has a wicked and hilarious streak and is so full of life that he will remain funny and interesting to Meghan long after the stardust of their initial romance has blown away.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's future told

Question: What kind of relationship will Meghan and Kate Middleton have?

Card: 10 of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles

Meaning: Blood sisters.

Reading: Meghan and Kate are sealed with a bond. They both have married princes of England. Kate is Meghan’s teacher and advisor in all ways: how to conduct oneself publicly, how to balance public and private life.

Meghan is like Kate’s student. Kate fills her in on all the details, from what it’s like to have a royal baby to how to keep up a good face at a royal appearance when you’d rather be home watching Netflix.

They operate as support for each other. Kate also becomes very influential as a sounding board when it comes to the life’s work Meghan will embark on. Meghan will enjoy more freedom than Kate ever will, and Kate will always be Meghan’s advisor, ultimately in a more official capacity when Kate becomes queen.

Question: What kind of relationship will Meghan and the queen have?

Card: The Hermit

Meaning: Distant.

Reading: Meghan and the queen have a symbolic yet distant relationship because of the queen’s age and lifestyle. When the two of them are together in private, the queen will offer Meghan peals of wisdom on royal life and duty.

Meghan, emotionally, has a greater relationship with Princess Diana. Meghan is aware of Diana’s legacy and presence, even though Diana is not there physically.

Question: How close will Harry and William’s children be?

Card: King of Pentacles

Meaning: Thick as thieves.

Reading: Every effort will be made for the family to be close. The ties that bind them are strong, and both sets of parents understand the importance of deep familial bonds. These bonds are important interpersonally but also for keeping the monarchy rock-solid and strong.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's future told

Question: What will become of the royal family when the queen dies?

Card: Wheel of Fortune and King of Cups

Meaning: The monarchy continues.

Reading: Queen Elizabeth isn’t going anywhere soon. But when she does depart, Prince Charles will become king, reigning only for a short period of time. Prince William will assume the throne, making a glorious monarch for England with Kate as his queen. Harry and Meghan sparkle in their unique roles, enjoying the most freedom to work and play in the world and with their family.

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And there you have it: an in-depth, psychic reading of what the road ahead looks like for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We recommend keeping this page bookmarked for future reference since you may want to double-check whether the things Graham predicted actually come to pass.

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