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Why Did Blake Lively Unfollow Ryan Reynolds & Delete All Her Instagram Pics?

Blake Lively’s Instagram used to be a treasure trove of photos that gave us a look into her everyday life. In addition to her gorgeous fashion snaps, the shade she occasionally threw at her husband Ryan Reynolds made her well worth the follow. Now, that’s all gone. Lively not only unfollowed Reynolds, but deleted every. Single. Picture. A pretty dramatic decision — but wait. Don’t freak out yet.

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The sudden move is pretty obviously part of a viral marketing effort for her new film A Simple Favor. And it’s working. We’re all talking about it. (And mourning. Come back, Blake!) In the film, Lively plays a woman named Emily Nelson who disappears. Her Instagram profile description currently reads, “What happened to Emily?” and yesterday she made the day for a bunch of women by finding and following 28 Emily Nelsons. Is there significance to the number? Is Emily Nelson 28 years old in the film? Is it a hint? We don’t know. We’ll have to see the movie to find out.

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A Simple Favor stars Lively, Anna Kendrick and Linda Cardellini. Kendrick plays a mommy vlogger who starts investigating her friend Emily’s disappearance. The film is based on a novel by Darcey Bell, which Variety describes as part of the domestic noir genre in the same vein as Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. Those were dark and twisty fun, so this film looks promising.

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Look for the movie in theaters Sept. 14.

Long before that, we’ll be stalking Lively’s Instagram to see when it will return to normal. At least in the meantime, we still have her Twitter feed, but it’s just not the same; plus, she seems to be pushing her marketing skills over there too.

Hopefully, this stunt will only last a few weeks, and the real Blake Lively will be back with all her gorgeous Instagram goodness soon.

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