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Brad Pitt’s Turning 2017’s Biggest Scandal Into a Movie

Brad Pitt is going to have a hand in shaping Harvey Weinstein’s post-#MeToo public image, and it’s likely a bittersweet moment for the actor. Pitt’s history with Weinstein is fraught, to say the least, so the fact that he’s now bringing the shamed producer’s takedown story to the big screen must be cathartic.

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People reported on the news that Pitt, through his production company, Plan B Entertainment, and Annapurna Pictures acquired the rights to The New York Times exposé that was instrumental in bringing the decadeslong allegations of sexual assault and harassment made against Weinstein to light. Once believed to be infallible and inured to these allegations, Weinstein’s downfall in late 2017 initiated a shocking wave of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations among dozens of famous and powerful men.

There are currently no other names attached to the project. That said, the cachet of Pitt’s name and the prestige of Plan B and Annapurna will ensure this project develops into a fairly high-profile one pretty quickly. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will focus on the intense reporting process that took place in order to bring the story into print rather than focus on the stories behind the multiple allegations against Weinstein.

The story has already gotten some positive feedback on Twitter, with women coming forward with positive reactions.
Having Pitt attach himself to this project is especially meaningful because of his turbulent history with Weinstein. When Gwyneth Paltrow came forward in 2017 to tell her story about Weinstein and how he invited her to a hotel room in the early ’90s and attempted to massage her while trying to talk about casting her in Emma (she was eventually cast). Paltrow rebuffed his advances, but when she told then-boyfriend Pitt about what happened, he confronted Weinstein at a party about what happened, apparently poking him in the chest and telling Weinstein, “You will not ever do this to Gwyneth ever again.”

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Now, with the benefit of time and a changing of the guard, this could be one of the most important films Pitt ever makes. This film could have women everywhere cheering before the credits roll.

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