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What Queer Eye‘s Fab Fives’ Relationships Are Really Like Behind the Scenes

Ever since Netflix premiered the new Queer Eye series in February, the new Fab Five have really won us over with their on-screen chemistry. These five are fierce, fabulous and talented, and it’s easy to see why the guys they help are so charmed by them. What’s even better is that the new members of the Fab Five really are friends behind the scenes according to series foodie Antoni Porowski.

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Porowski chatted with E! News on Tuesday, and he dished about how he and his costars had “weird electricity” from the first time they were in a room together. “We felt something special. We were weirdly finishing each other’s sentences,” Porowski said, adding, “We’re all different, but we still manage to get along really well.”

He told reporters that the cast has a lot of fun interacting on social media because they “don’t get to see each other a lot in between working.” Anyone who follows the Fab Five on Twitter knows what Porowski means, because the little interactions we see are just perfect.

Take, for example, how designer Bobby Berk reacted to Porowski’s saucy shoot for Gay Times:

Or the saga of how Jonathan Van Ness lost some Beats headphones… only for Porowski to confess he had them:

Of course, Karamo Brown’s birthday wishes for Tan France are adorable.

…and France’s support for Porowski’s corgi obsession is perfect.

Porowski even breaks out the emojis for France’s announcement that Queer Eye was renewed for season 2.

Oh, yeah. That’s friendship at its Twitter best. Porowski told E! News, “[Twitter] is such a fun platform to troll on each other’s accounts, to support each other, bring each other up, down and then pick each other back up again.” It’s good to know the Fab Five guys really do love each other, especially since the new Queer Eye is an important, culturally relevant update to its predecessor. We need that refreshing positivity in our lives, our streams and our social media feeds.

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Netflix has not announced a return date for Queer Eye Season 2 or any details about how many episodes will air. Regardless, the Fab Five is stoked, and so are we, because it means we can spend even more time with our fave Queer Eye guys and bask in the beauty of their friendship.

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