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Alex Rodriguez Can’t Stop Gushing Over Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Achievement

Alex Rodriguez only has eyes for Jennifer Lopez — and he reminded everyone of that on Wednesday. Just one day after the 2018 Time 100 Gala on April 24, Rodriguez hopped on Instagram to dedicate not one, but two very lovely posts to celebrate the latest achievement of the woman of his dreams.

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True to its name, the Time 100 list rounds up the 100 most influential people across a variety of fields and disciplines. This elite annual list is a big deal to be included in, so Lopez is worthy of all the applause. That’s exactly what Rodriguez did the morning after attending the Time 100 Gala with Lopez; Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez; and Lopez’s sister, Lynda Lopez.

Being the lone man in the group didn’t faze Alex Rodriguez one bit. His first Instagram post of the four of them on the red carpet was captioned, “Shoulder to shoulder with some truly strong women.” It’s always nice when a guy recognizes the strength of the people he’s there to support.

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But Rodriguez’s lovefest didn’t stop there. A short time later, he posted another one. This time, it was a pic of himself and Lopez on the red carpet looking like a true power couple. Shining a light on Lopez’s achievement, the caption read, “100. That’s the number of extraordinary people we honored tonight. It’s the number of times I say thank you every day for bringing this incredible partner, friend and role model into my life. It’s the percent she gives of herself in everything she does. For you, Jennifer, and all the others who make this imperfect world better, we can expect no less from ourselves.”

Who isn’t tearing up? Because we certainly are. While Rodriguez and Lopez are comfortable talking about their relationship in public, seeing this kind of precious celebration of Lopez’s achievements from her boyfriend is truly something special. Seeing Rodriguez recognize her for all the good she does and how the good plays into the greater good is a uniquely wonderful thing.

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Also, Lopez deserves all of this love — she achieved something major! Getting onto the Time 100 list is no easy feat and she landed it. Her hard work and dedication to her career, her philanthropic efforts and her family are all worthy of admiration and applause, not just from Rodriguez, but from all of us.

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