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Jessica Simpson Was Unfairly Targeted on Instagram — Again

Jessica Simpson can’t catch a break, and it’s getting a little annoying at this point. Honestly, can’t we just let Simpson live her life and post what she wants on social media without there being a huge fuss about it?

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Earlier this week, Simpson was once again unfairly targeted for an outfit-of the-day-style post she put up on her Instagram. The photo, captioned “Business Casual,” shows Simpson wearing a black blazer, black blouse, black pinstripe miniskirt with a raw hem and black over-the-knee boots. She looks absolutely amazing in the photo, and yet some users couldn’t hold back from giving her their negative opinions.

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Business Casual 🤔

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Fox News reported on the backlash, reprinting some of the comments Simpson received. “For what type of business exactly?” one commenter on Twitter apparently wrote, while another commented,

“You look great. But I don’t think that’s business casual girl.”

Oh, and another super-charming commenter wrote this directly in her Instagram comments: “You are very pretty but this is not a good look for you. It makes you look short with thick thighs.”

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Hey, you know what? Simpson can wear what she wants, and it doesn’t matter if her version of business casual isn’t the same as yours — they’re both equally acceptable. You don’t get to question the purpose of her outfit or shame her for the way her body looks in an outfit she is clearly rocking the heck out of. Sure, you have every freedom to be rude on social media, but why take the time to do it? Why spend the time crafting a hurtful comment? Simpson may not see it, to be fair, but the mere fact that you’re putting that kind of energy out there is just awful.

This isn’t the first time Simpson has been the target of shaming Instagram comments. In February, she was body-shamed her for the way her lips (her lips!) looked in a selfie. In December 2017, she faced comments like, “Is this how a mother of two children really wants to act?” when she posted a fantastic photo of herself wearing a green silk robe and looking like a pinup (read: another great look that deserves nothing but applause).

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Sadly, those aren’t the only recent incidents in which Simpson has been shamed, and it’s likely that the gross comments in response to her “Business Casual” Instagram won’t be the last time she faces this criticism either. But seriously, can’t we just stop it?

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