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Katie Holmes Chills With Beyoncé & Makes the Whole World Jealous

After both of Beyoncé’s showstopping, history-making headline performances at Coachella basically left everyone who attended in a state of euphoria, we’re so envious of anyone who got to see it unfold live and, better still, bask in Queen Bey’s glowing presence. It would seem that was the case when Katie Holmes (who wasn’t even at the music festival to see her perform), actually met Beyoncé, basked in the aforementioned glowing presence and posed for a photo to capture all the magic. Is this real life? Pinch us!

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Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, shared a photo of herself, her daughter and festively attired Holmes on her Instagram on Sunday after Beyoncé’s second performance of the festival. “With the talented Katie Holmes and @beyonce,” Knowles Lawson wrote in the caption. Everyone looks so snuggly and happy — can you feel the warmth?

In her caption, Lawson calls Holmes “talented” and shares a bunch of heart emojis, driving home their mutual affection for each other. There’s clearly a lot of talent in this photo, and it’s sure to thrill anyone who gazes upon it. But also, who knew Holmes was such an ardent, card-carrying member of the Beyhive? We probably could have guessed her fandom for the “Formation” singer ran deep when she reenacted some of Beyoncé’s moves on The Tonight Show in 2016, including a near-perfect head flip. Who knew Holmes had those moves?

We’re not entirely sure how this magical meeting came about, seeing as Entertainment Tonight reported Holmes was more likely at the epic California-based music festival to see her unconfirmed boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, perform. Sadly, this photo is the only one we have of Holmes at the festival; she didn’t share any photos of Coachella, but did post a blurry post-show fireworks video to her Instagram.

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We’re not sure if we’ll ever recover from bearing witness to Holmes and Beyoncé meeting, and to be totally honest, we’re not sure we want to. Thank you, you two. Thank you so much for this gift.

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