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Don’t Expect Nikki Bella’s Sister to Badmouth John Cena Anytime Soon

After six years together, including a one-year engagement, John Cena and Nikki Bella publicly announced their split on April 15. We still don’t know why the couple chose to call it off — and it’s possible we won’t ever find out — but Bella’s twin sister, Brie, spoke exclusively to Us Weekly at the Nirvana Food and Wine Festival over the weekend, and apparently, there’s no bad blood between them.

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Following the breakup, an unsubstantiated claim came out that Brie “wanted to kill” Cena, which she denied while speaking with Us Weekly recently. “I love John like a brother,” she told the outlet. “He will always be family. I will never let anyone bash him or bring him down because he’s an extremely good man and what he and my sister wanted, that’s between them.”

Considering Brie has known and worked alongside Cena (Brie is also a wrestler) for as long as her sister has, it’s understandable she’s not ready to badmouth Cena just yet.

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That’s not all. While speculation about whether Cena and Nikki will get back together is par for the course (it happens every time a celebrity couple breaks up), Brie isn’t adding fuel to to the fire. In fact, when she was asked about it, Brie replied, “I’m extremely spiritual, so if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I always think when two people are good people, Nikki’s a great person and John’s a great person, you always want to see two people together. But other than that I think everyone just supports whatever decisions they make.”

Brie also commented on her sister’s current state of mind, noting, “She has a brave face on, she’s fearless and that’s why we all love her.”

The Nirvana Food and Wine Festival also marked Nikki’s first public appearance since she and Cena announced their split. Although she attended the event with her sister, she apparently didn’t speak to press — but she did start updating her Instagram again. In her first post on Friday since announcing the split, Nikki took to Instagram to share a photo of herself on the beach captioned: “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.”

Nikki’s use of a quote from poet e.e. cummings is pretty heartbreaking, but the fact that she’s using it to express her own heartbreak and transition into a new chapter should be heartening to fans who are supporting her right now. Prior to Saturday’s event, Nikki took to Instagram again to share another inspirational quote: “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”

Nikki was all smiles on Saturday as she posed for photos with Brie. Between the two of them, we’re getting a deluge of supportive feelings for the Bella twins, and we’re here for whatever comes next.

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