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Joanna Gaines Celebrates Her 40th Birthday With a Little Sweetness

Take notes: Joanna Gaines knows how to ring in a milestone birthday in the most perfect way possible. Not only is our favorite HGTV superstar riding high off a strong finish to her hit series Fixer Upper, but she’s also in the exciting preparation stage ahead of the arrival of her fifth child. Truly, all things are coming up Gaines right about now.

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On Thursday, Gaines rang in her 40th birthday by sharing on her Instagram an adorable photo of how she celebrated her special day. “This is 40. And I like it…” she wrote, using the very apt hashtags #pregnantandforty and #anddoughnuts to finish off the caption. The photo itself depicts a gleeful Gaines biting into a doughnut as she rests a cup on her pregnant belly. We’re pretty sure that if you look up “bliss” in the dictionary, you’ll find this photo next to the definition.

Gaines wasn’t the only one posting about her very happy 40th birthday on social media. Hubby Chip Gaines chimed in as well. In lieu of eating a doughnut with his wife in a photo (although we have a feeling he had one with her off camera), Chip posted an equally short but very sweet message on his Twitter. “Happy birthday sweet girl!” he wrote, using the hashtag #40neverLookedSoGood to sum up his feelings.

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And as if that wasn’t enough, Chip continued to be #HusbandGoals (the Gaineses aren’t the only ones who can use a solid hashtag around here) by tweeting out what gift he wanted to get his wife on the occasion of her 40th birthday: her Twitter follower count at 1 million. “I’m a complete @twitter nerd. I’ll admit that!” he tweeted, asking his followers to help his wife meet that special goal: “& this is sooo superficial & DUMB, but.. I’d really like to see @joannagaines hit 1M followers on her bday. Kindof a #Twitterverse gift to her.. One more thing, for every new follower she gets today. I’ll donate 1$ to @StJude. GO!”

How sweet is that? And Chip and his followers may have actually hit that goal. As of Friday, Gaines had a cool 1.01 million followers on her Twitter.

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With a baby boy on the way and a 40th birthday in the books, made all the better with a couple of doughnuts and a charitable donation, this is truly a sweet time for Joanna Gaines. Happy (late) birthday!

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