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Kerry Washington’s Scandal Farewell Will Make Even the Toughest Gladiator Cry

Time to take off your white hats, Gladiators, and raise a wine glass to Scandal, which aired its last-ever episode on Thursday night. After seven seasons, the beloved Shondaland show’s series finale wrapped up all its storylines, gave a majority of the remaining characters happy endings and let the credits roll for the final time. It’s the end of an era, and to mark the occasion the show’s leading lady, Kerry Washington, penned an emotional farewell on her Instagram.

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“This picture was taken when we completed filming our very final scene in the Oval Office set,” Washington began, writing what was a long caption on a very happy photo that depicts her smiling, arms and legs spread out like a starfish, on the set of Scandal. If you’re a die-hard fan of the show, there’s no doubt you already have tears welling up just from looking at the photo.

She continues, remembering the good times, as she writes: “So many of @scandalabc’s most iconic scenes happened in that Oval. It has been, in many ways, the center of our #Scandal universe. Other sets were already being dismantled and we knew this one would be next. So, before saying good-bye, I stretched out on that gorgeous rug and tried to just take it all in. Swipe! Soon after, a few beloved crew members joined. Because… why not? LOL.”

The joy of Washington’s caption transforms into sentimentality as she wraps up her farewell. “Tomorrow morning I will wake up and begin to try to process the magical dream of the past seven seasons,” she writes. “I imagine it will take some time to really understand what just transpired in my life. But, this much, I know…I am filled with endless gratitude for our #Scandal Family. Our glorious cast & crew and our community of #Gladiators. TOGETHER, we have changed history. Transformed television. And illuminated each other’s lives.”

Saying goodbye is going to be tough, not only for her and her castmates, but for fans of the show. What will we fill our time with now? With its consistently high ratings and wildly dramatic plot twists, Scandal was the unmissable show on TV for a long time. Sure, we have other Shondaland shows to ease the pain, but the prospect of not seeing Olivia, Fitz, Mellie or any of the beloved Scandal crew is pretty gut-wrenching.

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Luckily, that photo of Washington looking blissed-out on the Oval office carpet wasn’t the only photo she posted to commemorate Scandal‘s finale. Earlier on Thursday, she also posted photos of herself and her costars. In one photo, we see her with Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield and Katie Lowes, all looking rather glam. “I love my #Scandal Sisters. #Scandal family is real.”

In yet another couple of photos, Washington cozies up to Tony Goldwyn (better known as Fitz to the Scandal fandom). There was no caption posted, but the love and warmth coming through the photos was enough to make it feel like these two are personally saying goodbye to each and every fan. You guys!

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According to Variety, the series finale of Scandal drew in a record 5.4 million viewers — not a shabby turnout for a show that was bidding us all adieu. While the Scandal cast will be heading out on their own separate journeys in the wake of a strong finish, we know Washington will remain in the TV realm with her future projects. According to her IMDb page, she will be starring alongside Reese Witherspoon in the adaptation of the novel Little Fires Everywhere, a drama set in the suburbs in the 1990s. Obviously, we are going to be eagerly awaiting the series premiere, because we’ll never get enough of watching Washington on TV.

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