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Libby Vincek Was Heartbroken Over Her Survivor Elimination

Libby Vincek is one of those castaways we barely got to know. Despite being mostly invisible throughout Survivor: Ghost Island‘s episodes, she was actually considered a significant threat by multiple people. We asked Libby how she felt about the edit leaving her story on the cutting room floor and what she did in the game to be perceived by others as such a threatening player. Plus, she revealed why some of the women were targeting her.

SheKnows: Did you have any idea you were going to be eliminated? Explain what was going through your mind when Michael played his Idol.

Libby Vincek: I knew for sure I was in danger. Camp life that day was insanity with talks of Idols, fake Idols, alliances, and just every kind of strategy was being brought up, confusing the heck out of everyone. The only thing I knew for sure was the Naviti girls didn’t like me and wanted me out. There was nothing I could really do about that. I knew that if I had voted Michael, there was a slight chance of saving myself with the others who were splitting the vote. Michael had a great plan; we just didn’t have enough time to gather the numbers to execute. So when Michael pulled out that Idol, my heart dropped to the bottom of the ocean. I knew I was a goner.

Libby Vincek voted off Survivor: Ghost Island
Image: CBS

SK: Multiple castaways voted out earlier this season have said you were a major threat in the game. Why do you think people were so threatened by you, and how did you try to curb those opinions?

LV: Well, that’s pretty awesome. I was genuine with the bonds I made efforts to form and stayed strong with where I stood. I wanted to be proud of the person I watched later on, and I think within all of that, people found me threatening. I tried to show that I would value their opinions and gameplay. Taking the reins in things would’ve put me in even more trouble. I would try and find ways to get the target off my back but let others feel it was their idea.

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Libby Vincek on Survivor: Ghost Island
Image: CBS

SK: Explain your feelings about the edit, because we didn’t get to see too much of your story until your elimination episode. Tell us some things about your game that didn’t make it on the show.

LV: I think it’s really difficult to get a true grasp of the complexities of the relationships in a one-hour episode. Obviously, there were relations that I believed were stronger than they turned out to be. I worked hard to keep the bonds between some people in my tribe, which apparently weren’t as strong as I thought. If I could say one thing I wish was more evident, it would be how passionate I was to play the game and how hard I worked to earn the position I ended up in. Many are wondering about Michael and I, and yes we were tight, but honestly didn’t spend more than a minute by ourselves. If anything, I wish we would’ve worked more together in an obvious way. With the same reactions from them, we could’ve made a few more moves together.

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Michael Yerger and Libby Vincek compete on Survivor: Ghost Island
Image: CBS

SK: What was your end-game strategy to win, and who did you want to take to the final Tribal Council?

LV: My end-game strategy was to go to the end with someone I trusted and someone I saw as a threat, but necessarily didn’t play a good game. If I could pick one person to go to the end with, it would be Jenna because she’s an awesome player and could totally trust her working to the end with me. If I won over her, it would be a true testament that I really played well.

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Libby Vincek on Survivor: Ghost Island
Image: CBS

SK: How did you get on the show?

LV: I was actually found through a mutual friend who played Amazing Race. I was in a rough spot in my life and truly didn’t know where my next step was going to be. Out of the blue, I get a message asking if I’d be interested, and well, here we are today. I had to, of course, prove myself to Jeff [Probst] and the other producers that I could handle it. I think I can say I proved it to them.

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