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Becca’s First Bachelorette Poster Goes Where No Bachelorette Poster Has Gone Before

If there’s one major takeaway from the new poster teasing Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season, it’s that she’s not going to suffer fools. Any potential Arie 2.0 can step right out of Kufrin’s way, because she’s looking for love — and her poster telegraphs that with one simple phrase.

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On Thursday, Chris Harrison dropped the poster onto his Instagram account. Featuring Kufrin front and center, this poster is unlike any Bachelorette poster we’ve seen before. Kufrin looks straight ahead, smiling and looking gorgeous in a shimmering rose gold gown. The tagline for the upcoming season is rather attention-grabbing in thin, sheer type: “Let’s do the damn thing.” See what we mean when we say she’s not messing around?

That tagline is feisty. It’s in keeping with the tradition of other taglines, hinting that a previously scorned Bachelorette is coming into her season empowered and not focused on the past, but Kufrin’s uses comparatively stronger language to get her message across. The other noticeable difference has to do with the look of the posters. Kufrin isn’t wearing the requisite red dress, and her body language signals power, strength and stability. Like other posters, there are rose petals, but they’re not used in a super romantic or feminine manner; there’s nothing overtly fairy-tale about what we’re seeing.

To illustrate the difference, let’s compare Kufrin’s to a few others. Andi Dorfman’s poster showed her smiling in extreme close-up and picking off a rose petal, with the cheeky tagline, “She’s looking for the right Juan one.”

For JoJo Fletcher, we see her lying in repose, looking upward at her tagline: “From Ben to 26 men.” It’s a bit thirsty, sure, but Fletcher makes it work.

Finally, our most recent Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, had a full-on dreamy Bachelorette poster where her floor-length red dress turned into a swirl of rose petals.

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We don’t know too much about Kufrin’s season thus far, but amusingly, we have some details from the first night of filming. E! News reported on executive producer Mike Fleiss’ tweets from the first night of filming. While Kufrin looked like a vision in white, fans can expect to see one suitor roll up to the party sporting a chicken suit while the other fellas look impressively dressed for success.

As E! News also aptly notes, Kufrin is going into this season with a ton of viewer support. After she was epically screwed over by Arie Luyendyk Jr. on his Bachelor season, there will be tons of sympathy and an eagerness to please from the men who will come to court Kufrin. That chip on Kufrin’s shoulder, in combination with this powerful poster, could very well work to her advantage as she tries to find true love once again.

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