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Britney Spears Shared the Secret to Happiness, & It Makes Total Sense

In a novel piece of self-help advice, Britney Spears revealed her secret to happiness: having a really bad memory — at least about some things. While attending the GLAAD Media Awards, Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans showed Spears this throwback photo from 1999 — the year her first album …Baby One More Time dropped.

Britney Spears & Ricky Martin in 1999
Image: Getty Images

Evans asked the singer what she remembered about the photo, and she replied, “I don’t remember. Yeah the secret to happiness — no memory — right there. Live in the moment, baby,”

Fair. First of all, how many of us remember much from a 20-year-old photo? And second, we all have moments from life we’d prefer to forget, right? If you’re shaking your head no, you’re lying to yourself.

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Though Spears looked mortified when she first saw the picture (she called herself “such a dork and a nerd!”), that advice might be the best she could give herself after a few troubled years. Despite the setbacks, heartbreaks, breakdowns and pressure in the spotlight, Spears has pushed forward and continued to surpass everyone’s expectations. It’s an epic comeback if we’ve ever seen one. She’s released album after album, wowed fans with her performances and tours and turned her Vegas residency into a four-year gig. Don’t forget — this is Britney, bitch.

Britney Spears GIF
Image: Giphy

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Now that she’s happy, healthy and madly in love — we have a feeling there’s a lot yet to come from Spears that she won’t want to forget anytime soon.

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