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2 Huge Stars Are Joining The Big Bang Theory for the Season Finale

The Big Bang Theory is no stranger to huge celebrity cameos. The show has welcomed icons like Stephen Hawking, Bob Newhart and, most recently, celebrated sci-fi author Neil Gaiman. Now, with the Season 11 finale approaching (and only one season left!) the folks over at the TBBT casting department have outdone themselves – this casting announcement will delight all pop-culture junkies.

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On Tuesday, The Big Bang Theory tweeted that Mark Hamill will make an appearance on the finale as geeky lovebirds Sheldon and Amy finally get hitched. TV Line is speculating that Hamill may play the wedding officiant, which would not only be amazing but freaking hilarious. Only problem: the limelight would certainly be stolen from the bride. Poor Amy.

But that’s not it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamill will be joined by Kathy Bates, as well as a slew of fan-favorite characters including John Ross Bowie, returning as Barry Kripke; Laurie Metcalf as Sheldon’s mother, Mary; and Wil Wheaton will play a fictional version of himself. Additionally, Sheldon’s sister, Missy (played by Courtney Henggeler), will make her first appearance since Season 1, and Jerry O’Connell will join the cast as Sheldon’s older brother, Georgie. Oh, and for a fun twist, mostly silent comedian Teller (of magician/comedy duo Penn & Teller) has also RSVPed.

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But what role will all these stars play in the big finale episode? Since Big Bang Theory has a history of exploiting guest star’s most famous roles, even when they’re playing themselves, it’s possible they’ll follow the same trend. Obviously, Hamill is most well-known for his role in the Star Wars saga (as well as his voice over roles in animated series like Justice LeagueTrollhunters and Amazing Spider-Man), so it’s probably safe to assume Sheldon will be massively geeking out over him. Bates character Annie Wilkes in Stephen King’s Misery is absolutely iconic, but she’s also had starring turns in Dick TracySix Feet UnderTitanic and American Horror Story, so the producers may be cooking up some kind of play on one of those characters, as well.

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Huge guest stars or not, it’s been a long road to the altar for Sheldon and Amy (they’ve been dating for seven season, people!) so we are ready to watch them say their ‘I dos.’ And you know this isn’t going to be like any other wedding – we’ve seen them create a dating contract, hammer out the details of intimacy and match wits more times than we can count, after all.

What Royal wedding? We’re counting down the days to The Big Bang Theory wedding on May 10!

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