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Looks Like LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville Are Friends Now

If you think it’s impossible for there to be moments of peace during a feud — even a very public one — then allow us to direct your attention to Brandi Glanville’s Instagram feed. Over the weekend of April 14, Glanville shared a selfie with country music star LeAnn Rimes. The two women share custody of Glanville’s kids, who she had with former husband, actor Eddie Cibrian (Rimes is Cibrian’s current wife). The selfie may come as a surprise to those who have followed Glanville and Rimes’ acrimonious relationship over the years, which has involved the women making some pretty shady jabs at one another. Have they finally put their differences behind them with one sweet selfie?

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Glanville took to her Instagram recently and posted what looks to be a very happy, calm photo of her and Rimes complete with a jokey hashtag. “Peace in #calabasturd hanging for Jakes bday,” Glanville wrote in the caption. The mention of peace is noteworthy coming from Glanville. This could be a new phase for the women, who seem to be putting to rest the bad memories that have accrued since 2009 (which began with Glanville filing for divorce from Cibrian after discovering he was having an affair with Rimes).

To get a sense of just how bad things once were between Glanville and Rimes, let’s revisit a recent incident. In June 2017, Glanville tweeted that Rimes was allegedly stalking her boyfriend Donald Friese. Cibrian made a response statement to E! News, calling Glanville’s claims false: “LeAnn is a fantastic stepmom to the boys and is always gracious to their mother. Having to put up with Brandi’s made up drama all the time is extremely frustrating. After eight years we should have one priority, making sure two incredible kids are loved and remain happy and healthy.”

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Glanville’s selfie with Rimes implies a welcome fresh start. Since the women are both parents to Glanville and Cibrian’s sons, getting along will certainly help the family achieve harmony. As recently as 2015, Rimes indicated how happy she is with her current family life while chatting with InTouch. “Life is fine just as it is. We have lots of love at home,” she commented, adding, “I’m just really enjoying our blended family at the moment.”

Rimes also shared a photo of herself with Jake for his birthday on her Instagram, writing, “I am so blessed to be his stepmom.”

We’re happy to see Glanville and Rimes finally getting along so that they can focus on bringing up happy kids in stable households — a goal that’s definitely worth burying the hatchet for.

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