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Khloé Kardashian Fans Won’t Stop Trolling Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson is learning the hard way that karma can be a… well, you know how the saying goes. Since news broke that the NBA star allegedly cheated on pregnant girlfriend Khloé Kardashian, Koko’s fans have taken matters into their own hands by throwing major shade at Thompson. And, y’all, some of their sick burns are downright hilarious.

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Kardashian’s supporters are exacting their revenge in the comments on a picture that Thompson posted on Instagram last week. Instead of personal insults, though, the fans are sticking to wishes of comically horrible karmic retribution.

Perhaps it’s because everyone feels duped by the Cleveland Cavaliers player. Granted, the allegations of infidelity are just that at this point — unconfirmed allegations — but the video evidence is damning enough to make people super-salty.

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So salty, in fact, that they just can’t resist trolling him. Here’s an abbreviated sampling of some of the best disses doled out so far.

“I hope everytime you walk in a crowd someone steps on the back of your foot.” — @wakeupbishop

“I hope every time you grab a shopping cart, you get one with the wiggly wheel.” — @katlovesbalayage

“I hope you always have gunk in the corners of your eyes no matter how many times u wash your face.” —@cheeki02

“I hope that every time you ask alexa to play a song, it’s a sample.” — @nataliesturm_

“I hope you buy 10 dogs and none of them love you.” — @redy2rumble

“I hope you have something in your teeth every time you meet a new person and no one has the guts to tell you.” — @itsdaisyliketheflower

“I hope you get a few paper cuts without knowing and then put on hand sanitizer.” — @audreyisdunn

“I hope every time you pour a bowl of cereal that you’re out of milk.” — @maddy_dadddy

“I hope u crave chick fil a on a Sunday.” —

“I hope you leave your to-go box on the restaurant table.” — @kastenbrafford

“I hope every time you’re done washing dishes someone brings you one more bowl.” — @ramosww509

“I hope Gordon Ramsey puts pieces of bread to your face and calls you an idiot sandwich.” — @bellawilliiams

“I hope none of your pistachios have an opening.” — @ramosww509

“I hope you stub your baby toe every time you walk.” — @_.jonsie._

“I hope you always accidentally step in something wet when you are wearing socks.” — @rachel_spayd

“I hope your daughter grows up and dunks on you.” — @jade.peiton

“I hope every time you’re eating near other people, they uncontrollably scrape their fork on their plate and don’t stop.” — @dedchic

“I hope every time you go to McDonald’s they forget to give you a straw.” — @maddyymurr

“I hope you step on a mountain of LEGO’s.” — @breanna.gaffney

“I hope when the waiter tells you to enjoy your meal you say ‘thanks you too.'” — @lindsthacker

Seriously, I could go on with this for hours. But, instead, I’ll just leave this here.
Happy scrolling!

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