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Beyoncé Killed It at Coachella With History-Making Performance

All hail the queen — Queen Bey, that is. The music icon slayed all day (or at least two hours of it) during a staggering 26-song performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday. Beyoncé blew minds with five Balmain wardrobe changes, a dance-off with sister Solange, a cameo by hubby Jay-Z, and a highly anticipated reunion with Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Understandably, fans officially “can’t even right now.”

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That includes Adele, who posted her adorable fangirling over the performance on Instagram.

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Beyoncé opened her two-hour set by asking the crowd, “Y’all ready, Coachella?” And, in all fairness, no one could have been ready for what was about to transpire. Making the performance even more spectacular was the fact that it made history. “Coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first Black woman to headline,” the singer said before launching into “Run the World (Girls).”

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It’s hard to even hit all the highlights of the performance — which, by and large, was a dynamic tribute to Black culture. There was the energizing performance of “Crazy in Love,” backed by a New Orleans-style brass marching band.
There was also the stirring rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which is often referred to as the Black national anthem. Naturally, Beyoncé sampled from her beloved Lemonade album for several songs. Jay-Z joined her for “Déjà Vu,” and Solange took the stage to do yet another thing the sisters do best: dance. Much to the delight of fans, Rowland and Williams made a Destiny’s Child reunion a reality by belting out the band’s ’90s hits “Lose My Mind,” “Say My Name” and “Soldier” alongside Beyoncé.
The electric set also included contortionists, Malcolm X quotes, “Bug A Boo” Greek-pledge male dancers, baton twirling and a tribute to Nina Simone. How could such genius come from one woman? Well, Beyoncé explained that the show had been unfolding in her brain for the past year.

“I was supposed to perform at Coachella before, but I ended up getting pregnant,” she told the crowd. “So I had time to dream and dream and dream with two beautiful souls in my belly, and I dreamed up this performance.”

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Damn, B! The only things I dreamed about when I was pregnant were ice cream and dating Luke Perry (don’t ask). I’m inclined to agree with DJ Khaled, who suggested on Instagram that Coachella has to rename itself Beychella. “NEW NAME ALERT!! B CHELLA AKA BEYCHELLA!!” he wrote.

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