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Let’s Break Down Some New Big Little Lies Season 2 Photos

Fans’ excitement grows with every new behind-the-scenes look at Big Little Lies. Production on Season 2 only began a short while ago, so we need to analyze some new photos that tease a game-changing meeting for the Big Little Lies women. These photos probably won’t be the last ones we see.

On Thursday afternoon, Entertainment Tonight posted a photo of Meryl Streep filming a fairly tense-looking scene with her Big Little Lies costars. You can see Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) and Celeste (Nicole Kidman) talking with Celeste’s mother-in-law, Mary Louise Wright (Streep). Additional photos that appear to have been taken from the same shoot also made their way onto Twitter. There’s a lot going on here and, if you’re a Big Little Lies fan, taking a closer look will pay off.

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In the photos, Streep is sitting at a table on an outdoor patio that doesn’t look like one we’ve seen before. The furniture is far too rustic and handmade to be something Celeste would have, and it doesn’t look like it shares the beachfront with Madeline’s backyard. So where the heck could these women be? The only safe guess right now is that Mary Louise is planning on a long stay and is renting a property somewhere in Monterey. If that’s the case, then it would make sense for her to look so relaxed while sitting outside and Madeline and Celeste are standing, as if they’re visiting her to discuss something.

The plot thickens: The photos in the tweet might have been taken while a scene was being filmed. That would certainly explain the animated expressions that Witherspoon and Streep are making. Witherspoon looks surprised and confused in various photos, as if she’s being questioned or is attempting to explain something. Streep, meanwhile, seems to have the upper hand, laughing and appearing more at ease.

This scene might involve Celeste introducing Madeline to Mary Louise for the first time. The conversation might even switch to Perry, Celeste’s abusive husband, who died in an accident that implicated each of the five women central to the show and which they have since covered up. Mary Louise’s arrival has the power to undo the code of silence the women of Big Little Lies formed in Season 1. These photos hint that if Perry’s name is actually coming up, this scene will take that tension to an unbearable level.

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However, these photos aren’t the first peek we’ve had at Big Little Lies Season 2, nor are they our first look at Streep as Mary Louise. On April 5, Kidman posted a photo to her Instagram that gave us a closer look at Streep. With a bookish brown bob and the exact pajamas you’d imagine a grandmother would choose, Mary Louise snuggles with Celeste and the twins as they look at something on an iPad. A safe guess would be that it’s family photos that include Perry. If that’s the case, this will put the screws into Celeste and could amp up the guilt she feels about what happened, only amplifying the tension between her and Mary Louise.

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We think this first handful of photos that have emerged from Big Little Lies Season 2 is already so telling about the plot. Can you even imagine what the next photos could indicate about the upcoming season?

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