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Shania Twain Gives Health Update on Her Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Céline Dion isn’t the only iconic pop diva to be set back by unfortunate health issues these days. On Friday, we learned that Shania Twain is working through Lyme disease-related health concerns while preparing to take her latest album, Now, on tour. But while speaking with E! News, she said finding a way to balance her health and her work is a major feat in itself.

“Lyme disease does affect your life for sure,” she said. “It’s such a silent evil thing.” But as silent as it may be, Twain is thankfully one of those diagnosed who was able to catch it in time to get a proper handle on it. “A lot of the symptoms you just learn to live with,” she explained. “I was lucky that I caught it early. I did get a lot of damage but I’m not battling with degenerative organ issues so I feel very fortunate.”

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She went on to joke that “by the time you’re my age, you have something. Everybody’s got something in some form of their life. I’m proud of myself on one hand for persevering.”

Twain did say she has to take more care to warm up before performances. “It’s more work for me now vocally because of the Lyme disease effect on the nerves in my larynges,” she told E! News. Also, she’ll likely have to make adjustments to her performances and touring schedule if and when a Lyme disease-related issue comes up, but it sounds like she’s ready to keep truckin’ on no matter what.

In 2017, Twain admitted to Country Living that her indefinite hiatus from music, which began in 2004, was partly because she wanted to process her divorce from Mutt Lange but also in part because she was quietly battling the effects of Lyme disease. She became more vocal throughout 2017 about her struggles, revealing in an interview with 60 Minutes that she “never thought I would sing again” because of the way her disease affected her voice.

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But now, with a nationwide tour on the books and her mood noticeably upbeat (if that E! News interview is anything to go by), Twain appears ready to conquer whatever problems come her way.

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