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Kristin Cavallari’s New Reality Show Is Giving Me All the Nostalgic Feels

I’m slightly embarrassed by how excited I felt watching the Very Cavallari trailer. I wasn’t even excited or interested in watching the show to begin with — or so I thought. I literally had zero feelings when the news of her reality TV comeback hit the interwebs. But as I clicked into the E! News article, hovered over the play button with my cursor and heard Cavallari’s voice come through my computer speakers, a tinge of thrill went through me.

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See?! Did you feel the excitement watching that? Did hearing Cavallari’s voice make all the nostalgic feelings coming back?

“I’m so ready,” she said. But all I heard was the raspiness in her voice; the familiarity of the mean valley girl we loved to hate all those years ago. (Side note: I only have love for her now. Girl power!) It was in that moment, though, that I realized, “Yup, I’m in.” I’ll be setting my DVR to record this, stat.

And it’s all because of the nostalgic reboot effect. The Hills was a pivotal part of my teenage TV watching days. I loved to gab with friends over Lauren Conrad and Cavallari’s needlessly dramatic love triangles and feuds. It was just the kind of un-empowered guilty-pleasure entertainment I craved in those awkward years — to dream of a life lived on a beach, where you are just so pretty and everyone thinks you’re so cool — and alas, here I was: bushy eyebrows, a mouth full of braces and an untamable mane of frizzy Jew curls. I was not a man killer, friends. I was no Kristin Cavallari.

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Now, seven years later, we’ll see a different side of her — the very grown-up, boss lady side. In less than a decade, Cavallari has gone from reality star to mother, business owner and wife. The show, scheduled to premiere this summer, will follow her and hubby Jay Cutler’s new life in Nashville as she continues to build her lifestyle brand. We’ll be able to see how she’s changed — and how she hasn’t. “I have the craziest staff! Of course there’s going to be drama, of course there’s going to be hookups… it’s going to be a wild ride.”

And while we likely won’t see the parenting portion of Cavallari’s life (she said she would “never put [her] kids on a reality show” on the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast in January), a wild ride is all I need from her right now. I can’t speak for anyone else, but adulting has been hard lately. I’ve felt stressed, overwhelmed and uncertain about the direction of my life. Now I know it’s headed to my couch to watch whatever debacles unfold before my eyes.

When it seems like everything has changed, the world proves to you that, no, some things always stay the same. And apparently, my love for Cavallari and the hilarious chaos that follows her is one of them. I can’t wait to numb my brain for a short while and lose myself in the Very Cavallari world.

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Now only one question remains: Will Conrad be watching too?

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