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Gwyneth Paltrow, Bride-to-Be, Is Ready for a Wild Bachelorette Party

We’re getting closer and closer to Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk’s wedding day, and now, things are getting serious. We may not know much about the actual wedding ceremony just yet, but thanks to Page Six and my own imagination running amok, we can take a healthy stab at guessing what a Paltrow bachelorette party will be like. Paltrow has a very luxurious but fun party being planned for her, and it will be a great way to say goodbye to her single-woman status.

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On Thursday afternoon, E! News confirmed Paltrow had already arrived in Mexico with her bachelorette crew in tow.

According to Page Six‘s sources, Paltrow’s bachelorette party has been planned by her friends, which include Cameron Diaz and Stella McCartney. Her friends have made sure the bachelorette squad will be traveling in style too. This mysterious source also claimed that a private jet that fits 12 people had been reserved to take Paltrow and her pals down to Mexico for some VIP fun. So fancy, and so very Paltrow.

Now, when I envision a dozen women heading to Mexico for a bachelorette party, I picture anything but a sedate affair. Paltrow may not be known as much of a wild partier, but I have a feeling she’ll let loose a bit more than usual on this special occasion. Sure, a source confirmed to E! News that Paltrow and her friends will be spending the next couple of days in Cabo and will be relaxing and having fun, but do you really expect someone to spill the beans on all the fun things these women will be doing?

I’d hazard a guess that considering this is a Paltrow bachelorette party, there will be something very new age and unusual on the menu. Perhaps a round of vaginal steams and facial cupping treatments or maybe the ingestion of large amounts of spirulina-laden smoothies topped with gold dust from some cave deep in the heart of France. Or maybe they’ll all sport some form of these ridiculously expensive bathing suits featured on the Goop website (has the Goop crowd never heard of Target?) while they lather themselves in artisanal sunscreen and then watch Paltrow sing the entire Country Strong soundtrack while hopped up on double tequila margaritas?

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Paltrow confirmed her engagement earlier this year, using the cover of Goop magazine to announce to the world she and Falchuk were going to be tying the knot. She and Falchuk had been quietly dating for four years before they got engaged, having initially met in 2010 when Paltrow guest-starred on Glee (the show Falchuk co-created with Ryan Murphy) before reconnecting a few years later.

While discussing what excites her most about wedding planning, she told People magazine in late January, “It’s kind of fun to talk about [the wedding plans] with my girlfriends. They send me pictures of dresses — they’re as excited about it as I am. It’s pretty cute.”

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There’s been no confirmation of Paltrow and Falchuk’s exact wedding date or any other fun details about their upcoming nuptials. What is confirmed now is that Paltrow’s bachelorette party promises to be wild, and all I can hope for is that Paltrow will post pictures of it once it happens.

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