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Reba McEntire Weighs In on a Reba Reboot, & We’re Here for It

On March 12, Reba McEntire posted a photo to Instagram that sent fans into a veritable frenzy. The snapshot, taken at the Celebrity Fight Night charity event, featured the country icon alongside her former Reba costars Melissa Peterman and Christopher Rich (aka Barbra Jean and Brock) with the caption, “Now all we need is the rest of the REBA cast!!” For good measure, McEntire threw in a reboot hashtag. Could it be? Well, in a new interview with Billboard, the singer spills the beans on whether a revival is in the works — and let’s just say we’re not ruling anything out yet.

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When asked to explain her not-so-subtle hints about the possibility, McEntire still played coy to a degree. “It won’t happen in the near future,” she told Billboard, citing her jam-packed schedule and the busy schedule of her costars. But, and it’s a big but, that’s not to say it won’t happen at all.

“Maybe in a year that might be something we could work on,” the country superstar said, adding, “Hopefully in the next two years, we’ll be able to do something with it. I would love to get back with them, whether it’s a TV movie or a reboot, whatever, just to get to work with those people would be a dream come true for me.”

Um, yes, please! As an unabashed Reba fan, I watched every single episode of the original sitcom, which ran from 2001 to 2006. It had all the appeal of a wholesome old-school television series (it was even filmed in front of a live studio audience), but in the context of a modern family with modern problems. Reba, as the eponymous character, was learning to do life as a single mother. Her husband, played by Rich, cheated on her with Peterman’s Barbra Jean, whom he then married. In a twist on the classic home-wrecker narrative, though, Reba and Barbra Jean become the unlikeliest of friends.

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As one of three children raised primarily by a single mother in the South, I’ll be the first to admit Reba resonated with me on a very personal level. However, the themes explored on the show boasted universal appeal: love, forgiveness, struggle, family dynamics, and did I mention love? Because at the core of the show’s appeal was its huge heart.

Granted, McEntire wasn’t messing around when she mentioned how busy the Reba gang is. In addition to playing KFC’s Colonel Sanders in TV spots, she won Best Roots Gospel Album at the Grammys and is set to host the 2018 ACM Awards on April 15.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who played Reba’s oldest daughter, Cheyenne, has been pulling double duty on TV as both Ariel on Once Upon a Time and Amy on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.

Steve Howey, Cheyenne’s husband on the show, also has a hectic two-series schedule that includes playing Kevin on Shameless and Danny Cooper on SEAL Team — not to mention the 2018 films Game Over, Man! and Making Babies.

Rich, who plays Reba’s ex on the sitcom, currently has a movie, Land of the Free, in preproduction.

Peterman, the inimitable Barbra Jean, popped up in both TV and film in 2018 with a guest spot on Young Sheldon and roles in Dirty Politics and My Babysitter the Super Hero.

Mitch Holleman, who played Reba’s youngest child, Jake, recently finished filming Guadalajara. The only major cast member who hasn’t continued acting is Scarlett Pomers, who brought to life Reba’s feisty middle child, Kyra.

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So, if you think about it, McEntire is probably right. Give it a year, and the cast will all be in prime position to reprise the roles that first made us fall in love with them. And you know what? We are here for it.

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