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The Queen Made a Joke at Trump’s & Obama’s Expenses

Wait, did the queen just throw shade President Trump’s way? While filming the documentary The Queen’s Green Planet, the royal made a joke that could be interpreted as a dig at the current POTUS — and the previous one too. The moment comes in the middle of a conversation with English broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough when the distinctive sound of helicopter blades overhead interrupts the pair at which point the queen quips, “Sounds like President Trump. Or President Obama.” The queen’s words are up for interpretation, but given her reportedly sharp sense of humor, would it really be a stretch to assume she was being sardonic?

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At that moment, it seems as though what she’s saying is that the helicopter is an unwelcome interruption. Based on her comments, though, that would mean she considers both Trump and Obama to be annoyances. Since Prince Harry is famously close to the former POTUS and his wife, Michelle Obama, one wouldn’t think she’d be so quick to dismiss Obama.

Perhaps her commentary speaks more to the fact that the helicopter is loud and boisterous, which you could say is true of both Trump and Obama, albeit in different ways. Trump is outspoken in a brazen way, while Obama is known for being an impassioned orator.

Then again, it’s entirely possible the queen was simply making a joke about the presidents’ preferred mode of transportation. Maybe she wasn’t being sardonic but rather was implying the helicopter overhead could actually belong to an American leader. As in, “Sounds like President Trump or President Obama could be touching down any minute now!”

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Unless the queen goes on record to clarify, we may never know. Happily, though, we do know a few things about the documentary in which she makes the off-the-cuff comment. Per People, the documentary will air in the U.K. on ITV April 16.

As the title, The Queen’s Green Planet, suggests, the documentary features an eco-friendly slant. It centers on the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, an environmental project proposed by 53 Commonwealth countries that have come together to help protect forests globally. At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta in 2015, the queen said she was “especially touched” by the project.

If the snippets currently surfacing are any indication, the documentary will have charm in spades. Jokes about American presidents aside, the queen endearingly chats about everything from wilted saplings (“Somebody sat on it I think at a garden party”) to the royal tradition of hanging Christmas ornaments (“The children love knocking those off”).

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Lending the documentary even more impact is the fact that The Woodland Trust is partnering with ITV and Sainsbury’s supermarkets for a plant-a-tree campaign. The trust will provide 50,000 trees for viewers — these will be given out as 10,000 packs containing five native broadleaf trees each: two silver birch, two rowans and one hazel. To vie for the change to receive a packet, viewers must sign up via ITV’s daytime programs, Good Morning Britain and This Morning. The lucky winners will receive their trees in the fall of 2018.

If all this sounds incredibly cool and now you’re bummed you don’t live in London, take heart. You may miss the original run (and the chance to snag some free trees), but you can at least catch the playback on the ITV Hub.

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