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Hugh Jackman Is Still So in Love After 22 Years of Marriage, & It’s Perfection

You guys, love in Hollywood isn’t dead after all. Despite the recent influx of celebrity breakups, one couple’s sweet relationship is going strong and managing to keep our faith in enduring romance alive: Hugh Jackman and his wife, actor Deborra-lee Furness. For the couple’s 22-year wedding anniversary on April 11, Jackman posted an Instagram message to his longtime love that would make even the most cynical heart melt. So, you see, some people do get their happily-ever-after.

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On his Instagram on Wednesday, Jackman shared a photo of himself and Furness on a boat together. Both actors are grinning from ear to ear as Jackman wraps his arm around Furness. “I believe in life we need to see and truly be seen by the most important people in our lives,” he started the heartfelt post.

He then directed the rest of his message to his wife, saying, “Deb, from day one, we had that. 22 years later … it only gets deeper. You and the kids are the greatest gift I will ever receive. I love you a gazillion times around the world.”

Say it with me: Awwwwww! Could these two be any cuter together? We’d say no, but then Jackman would probably just prove us wrong next year on their anniversary with an even more precious post.

This year’s message hints at the couple’s strong connection from the start, something he elaborated on at length in an interview with People in 2016. When the two met, Jackman was an unknown actor just out of drama school trying to catch a break, and Furness was the celebrity. Fate intervened when Jackman booked his breakthrough role on the Australian TV series Correlli in 1995. The show starred — you guessed it — none other than Furness.

“Deb, she was a big star,” Jackman told People. “I get picked up, and Deb is in the front seat of the car. I’ll never forget. She took off her seatbelt and she turned around and put out her hand and took off her sunglasses and said, ‘Hi, I’m Deborra-lee Furness, nice to meet you.’ I remember thinking, ‘I like this girl.'”

The two struck up a fast friendship, but Jackman panicked upon realizing his feelings had evolved into a crush. So, as clueless people are wont to do in such moments, he ignored her. A week later at a dinner party he hosted, Furness called him out on it.

“She said, ‘I noticed you haven’t talked to me in like a week, what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I got a crush on you. I’ll get over it, I’m sorry.’ She goes, ‘Oh? Because I’ve got a crush on you too.’ I never in a million years thought she reciprocated,” Jackman recalled. Fast-forward to 1996, and the costars were walking down the aisle.

Due to their age difference (Furness is 13 years older), they decided to start a family right away. After a prolonged struggle including several miscarriages, they adopted son Oscar and daughter Ava. Now, 22 years and two kids later, their love is clearly still unshakable.

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We spend so much time as a society dwelling on the negative. Let’s take a minute to celebrate something pure and good and positive, eh? While many marriages ultimately don’t work, especially in Hollywood, Jackman and Furness have managed to stay together happily for more than two decades.

There’s hope in that — not just for people who are single, but also for those of us who’ve been married for a minute and hope to stay that way for many years more. Marriage isn’t always easy, but Jackman and Furness bear testament to the beauty of enduring love.

Happy anniversary to this special couple!

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