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Jennifer Lopez Is the Fanciest Person to Have Ever Attended a Baseball Game

I’ve never really been one for sports (either playing or watching to be perfectly honest) but I will say that if I had to choose, I’d certainly choose to be a spectator, and if I did it, I’d really make it an event. Get the best seats, round up a posse of pals who want to do it up right and dress like the snazziest person there so you can really make a statement. We see spectators go all out at events like Wimbledon; why not make this the universal protocol for watching a sporting event?

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Well, it looks like Jennifer Lopez and I have precisely the same idea about attending a live sporting event where wardrobe is concerned because earlier this month, she attended an LA Dodgers baseball game looking like the 2018 version of Jackie O. Truly, look at this very chic outfit — from the cream, knee-length coat to the swishy high ponytail — and compare it to every other person in the photo who looks as relaxed as can be in varying degrees of casual attire.

Jennifer Lopez at a Dodgers baseball game on April 1Image: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

As if this look weren’t enough, photographers were able to catch a glimpse of the outfit Lopez wore underneath that stunning, not-at-all-baseball-gameworthy cream coat, and it’s truly the most glam outfit I have ever witnessed someone sporting at, well, a sporting event.

This is an outfit that is doing the most while also reminding the rest of us plebes that Lopez is a goddess among us mere mortals. If she’s going to swerve from the traditional baseball-watching attire, she’s going to swerve into the realm of fierce, regal and truly stunning. Those diamond earring. The leather gloves. The baby-pink cocktail dress.

I. Am. Dead.

Jennifer Lopez at a Dodgers baseball game April 2018
Image: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

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It seems like this trend of being the fanciest person at a sporting event (move over Beyoncé — am I right or am I right?) is something Lopez’s been doing for a little while now. During the Dodgers opening day ceremony, Lopez was spotted once again looking chic as hell, with ’90s hoop earring realness and a black dress with the back cut out.

Jennifer Lopez at Dodgers Opening Day
Image: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

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If this is the standard Lopez is setting for baseball-watching attire, I am totally OK with it. In fact, I think we should all rise to the occasion and start donning our fanciest duds whenever we go to a sporting event (move over Wimbledon — am I right or am I right?) and make sure we turn as many heads with our clothes as the athletes do with their skills. Who’s in?

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