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Jennie Garth Has Found the Key to Co-parenting With Your Ex

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli may have split back in 2013, but that doesn’t mean they got to walk away from their 12-year marriage and return to their lives as singletons. Rather, on top of navigating and rebuilding their lives in the wake of a divorce, the pair had to also figure out how to co-parent their three daughters, Luca, 20, Lola, 15, and Fiona, 11.

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The two met in 1995, while filming An Unfinished Affair, and spent almost 20 years together. With so much history between Garth and Facinelli, the split can’t have been easy. And yet, when Garth opened up about it recently in an interview with Us Weekly, she gave the impression that she and Facinelli had found the key to co-parenting after divorce.

“I learned that forgiveness is possible and time heals wounds, which is hard to believe when you’re in it,” Garth said. “But it all works out in the end.”

In the case of Garth and Facinelli, who are going on five years divorced, it seems that things have worked out fairly well. While Garth didn’t provide the nitty-gritty details about how she and Facinelli co-parent, just getting that sage advice feels like enough of a window into their headspace. Being able to forgive, to find a way back to yourself while also letting go of all the baggage and the hang-ups and the negativity that comes with a major split is so key — and it seems to be working for Garth.

Luckily, it looks like Garth’s daughters have helped make that co-parenting transition even smoother and better. These days, she can’t help but gush about how much she loves them on social media. And who can blame her? She’s a proud mom! In fact, we saw evidence that she is as happy as can be when she is with her daughters when, earlier this week, she posted a photo of herself and the girls on Instagram as they all celebrated Garth’s 46th birthday.

“they’re my everything,” Garth wrote in the lengthy photo caption. “always there for me thru thick and thin, they teach me new levels of love and understanding every day. loyal and full of faith in me. unwavering and incredibly strong. i am forever grateful for them.”

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Interestingly, Garth had another key insight into both co-parenting and finding your footing in relationships, in the world or wherever you’re at in life. “We as women forget about ourselves,” she told Us Weekly. “And we take care of everyone else. And pretty soon, you don’t know who you are anymore. I think in general it’s important that you need to focus on you and what makes you happy and what makes you you. You know? And if you lose sight of that, in any relationship you’re in, it’s not gonna be as successful as it could be.”

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Forgiveness, letting time heal all wounds and remembering to take care of yourself… has Garth become the most zen celebrity mom in Hollywood? It’s clear that she has figured out what’s best for her and the way she lives her life. It’s also a big bonus that her advice also happens to be good for women who find themselves in a similar position and need some guidance.

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