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Pink’s Latest Mistake Is Hilariously Relatable

Pink is literally all of us — meaning, totally human. Whether she’s talking about her married life, motherhood or work, we can all find a little bit of ourselves in Pink’s life, on both good and bad days. Sure, her life is a little more glamorous than most — we don’t tour the world or sing in major sports stadiums for a living — but, glamorous or not, things go wrong from time to time, making the outcome less than perfect.

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On Wednesday night, Pink was singing at her sold-out concert at the legendary Madison Square Garden venue in New York City, a really big deal for any performer. Unfortunately, it didn’t all go as planned. Pink forgot the second-verse lyrics to her 2006 song “Who Knew” — she literally just forgot what she was saying. But she handled the mistake like a pro.

“I forgot the words. Shit,” she said while laughing.

She immediately got right back on track and finished the rest of the song. Hey, when life hands you lemons, let out an expletive and keep on keepin’ on.

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This wasn’t Pink’s first relatable moment in 2018. Remember the Super Bowl? Controversy erupted before she even started singing. Struggling with the flu, Pink began her performance with a throat lozenge in her mouth and spit it out on camera just before singing the national anthem.

Some were less than impressed, but come on, people, she was sick. Have you ever had to go to work under the weather (or hungover or just plain over it)? You do whatever you can to just get through the day!

We hope that Pink never changes. It’s refreshing to be reminded that celebrities and superstars are, at the end of the day, human. They struggle, they fail, they pick themselves back up and they keep on fighting. When you take away all the materialist things, Pink’s life is not that different from ours — well, until she gets out on stage and swings upside down while singing her latest hit, that is.

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