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Frozen 2 Is Happening, & Kristen Bell Has Things to Say

It feels like we’ve been hearing about Frozen 2 for absolute ages, which means it feels like the movie should be released sometime soon, right? Well, if you can believe it, we’re still more than a year away from the sequel to the hit 2013 film coming to movie theaters, with a scheduled premiere date of Nov. 27, 2019; that’s just way too far away. It’s especially too far away for Frozen fans, who have been chomping at the bit for any kind of news about the sequel.

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Thankfully, national treasure Kristen Bell, who plays Anna in Frozen, made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday. While there, she was able to give hints about where in the production process Frozen 2 currently is and shared some tantalizing clues about the sequel, as well. Even though she couldn’t spill too, too much about Frozen 2 (thanks a lot, ironclad Disney contract!), the hints she gave are delightful.

The biggest takeaway is that Bell has already recorded her Frozen 2 dialogue. “I have recorded the movie,” she revealed to DeGeneres. “There will be edits before it’s finished, but I know the songs. I know the story. It’s very good,” she went on to tease just before cutting herself off. “I can’t say much more than that or I’ll get in trouble!”

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Even though Bell is trying to be coy about this, there’s plenty to get excited about. First off, we can safely guess that if Bell has already recorded her dialogue, things like edits and any potential reshoots will be happening in the coming months or over the summer. From there, we can safely guess that with postproduction likely wrapping up in late summer or early fall, chances are good that around November of this year we could be getting our first teaser trailer. This is a fairly standard practice, especially for Disney, who likes to release trailers up to a year in advance of a film’s scheduled release date. If that Frozen 2 trailer does drop this fall, that means we’ll finally get our first big clues about the story. It also means we could get our first snippet of what will no doubt be an iconic new score or maybe even one of those songs Bell mentioned while chatting with DeGeneres.

Gah, this is too exciting!

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We also know most of the original voice cast is returning for Frozen 2. In addition to Bell, both Idina Menzel (who plays Elsa) and Josh Gad (who plays Olaf) are set to return. However, the rest of the cast is still a big mystery, so who knows if Anna’s beau, Kristoff, will be back? We can only hope! Then again, Bell teased in an interview with CinemaBlend in late 2017 that there will be tons of new characters folks will fall in love with in Frozen 2, so maybe don’t get too hung up on the possibility Kristoff might not be coming back. Additionally, The Telegraph seems to think big changes are afoot for Frozen 2. They’re guessing it’s possible Elsa and Anna are getting new wardrobes and Olaf may be getting a love interest of his own.

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So, basically, there are still a lot of exciting details to be revealed about Frozen 2, but what we know now is pretty dang fun. Keep an ear to the ground, though, because something tells me this isn’t that last time we’ll hear about Frozen 2 in 2018.

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