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Matt Lauer Is Making Life Changes, Even if It’s Not What He Wants

Disgraced former NBC news anchor Matt Lauer is facing yet another big change in his life, and it has to do once again with his housing situation. Lauer’s been seeking refuge at his family’s home in the Hamptons the last couple of months following a highly-publicized exit from Today following allegations of sexual harassment coming to light in November 2017.

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Now, new sources are coming forward to report that Lauer will likely be looking for new digs very soon, as he is apparently finally moving out of the Hamptons house after being given marching orders back in January by his ex-wife to whom he was married for nearly 20 years, Annette Roque. According to a source speaking to Us Weekly, it seems Lauer attempted to dig his heels in on the issue of moving out of the Hamptons house, but Roque stood her ground and attempted to do what was best for the family; now, it seems like she finally won this skirmish and Lauer will finally be leaving.

“Getting him to move out was quite daunting because Matt was refusing to leave,” an insider to Us Weekly. “It was all about Matt, who expressed concern about how it would look to the media in the wake of being fired by NBC. Annette was simply at a loss for words because she had hoped that he would recognize this was best for her and the kids.”

The insider went on to describe that there may have been a bit of head-butting between the former spouses over this issue to the point legal action might have been threatened. “Matt will always be more concerned about public perception and obviously doesn’t want to make headlines for being forced out of the house,” the insider noted. “Annette told him that there would never be any limitations on access to their kids.” Yikes! That doesn’t exactly paint the best portrait of Lauer, now does it?

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Then again, this kind of disconcerting revelation about Lauer’s behavior feels par for the course in the months since we learned about the sexual harassment allegations made against him. Following his exit from NBC, from which he got a sizeable and cushy severance package, Lauer issued an apology over the allegations, stating, “There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions. To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry.”

The former Today anchor has kept an extremely low profile, and his life and legacy have crumbled under the weight of the allegations. Reports in the months following indicated that he and Roque had quietly begun the divorce process in January of this year after 19 years of marriage. This news gave way to reports Lauer wasn’t living in Manhattan but rather had moved out to the Hamptons, seemingly waiting for the dust to settle around his workplace scandal and his dissolving marriage.

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Now, it’s unclear where Lauer will land in regard to a living situation. He’s officially out of the Hamptons house, and according to Entertainment Tonight, he’s also putting his lush 11-room apartment in Manhattan on the market with an asking price of $7.35 million. With no desire to show his face in the city (as the Entertainment Tonight report suggests), no place to call home in the Hamptons and a very hazy professional future, Lauer’s life is currently full of changes and full of uncertainty.

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