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Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Split Seems a Lot Like Conscious Uncoupling

If you’re still reeling over the end of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum’s marriage, it might be time to pause and see how they’re dealing with it. Maybe we shouldn’t be so reactive since it looks like they’re doing exactly what they said they would in their public statement — they’ve “lovingly chosen to separate.”

The duo seemed to be the ideal Hollywood couple, but fans didn’t know what was happening behind closed doors. Even with the challenges in their relationship, they’re doing their best to stick together as a family. According to Us Weekly, they’re not only raising their 4-year-old daughter, Everly, in a peaceful environment, but the two stars are also still living together.

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“They haven’t been ‘together’ for a while,” said a source to Us Weekly. “They are best friends and still support each other and go to each other’s events and live in the same house.” Some of the ways they are creating a new normal includes keeping things as even-keeled as possible for their daughter. That’s why cohabitation and family outings appear to be a priority for them.

The Tatums made a very public family outing at the Kids Choice Awards just a week before announcing their split. Dewan Tatum took their daughter to support Tatum, who was there promoting his upcoming animated movie Smallfoot. And they’ll still be partaking in family fun at home.

Doesn’t this all sound familiar? If you remember Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s divorce statement in 2014, the couple shared that they would be “consciously uncoupling” in a way that was beneficial to their family.

Those two words sent the gossip world into a frenzy, with every talk show trying to define what that meant. In reality, it’s probably pretty simple — conscious uncoupling seems to involve both parties consciously rising above the drama of the breakup and focusing on what works well for the children and themselves, working together as a team in a new way.

And even though both Paltrow and Martin have moved on to new romantic partners — Paltrow is engaged to Brad Falchuk and Martin is currently dating Dakota Johnson — they have spent vacations and holidays together, continued to live together for months after their split; and have always spoken kindly about each other in public. They’re so progressive, there’s even a rumor that Martin will be the best man at Falchuk and Paltrow’s upcoming wedding.

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This rational blueprint that Paltrow and Martin helped popularize in Hollywood seems to be the exact formula the Tatums are following. They’re being kind to one another, navigating the heartbreak and their family’s new routine together and showing a united front for their daughter.

When you look at other Hollywood divorces, it’s can be hard to watch. A bad public breakup can often feed the tabloids for months (see Bethenny Frankel and Bryn HoppyBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe) and presumably make the pain linger for longer. In the long run, maybe the rest of us should stop looking for what went wrong between Hollywood couples and respect their choice as they go through a difficult time in their personal lives.

Hollywood couples need to do what’s best for them personally and professionally, and Paltrow and Martin, and now the Dewan Tatums, are showing that that process doesn’t have to be ugly or unkind.

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