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Joanna Gaines’ Goodbye to Fixer Upper Celebrates the Past & Looks Ahead

Well, folks, the time has come. It’s time to say goodbye to the show many of us have become die-hard fans of over the last five seasons. It’s time to say goodbye to Waco, Texas; time to say goodbye to the liberal use of the words “shiplap” and “subway tile”; and sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Now, don’t worry, all these things will still be here, it’s just they won’t be on our TV screens as much as they used to be because the final episode of Fixer Upper aired on HGTV on Tuesday night. One of the people most vocal about the difficulties of saying goodbye was Joanna Gaines, who hopped on her blog, At Home, to give some life updates, reflections on Fixer Upper and a bittersweet farewell ahead of the series finale on Tuesday night.

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Like many fans of the show, Joanna sounded nostalgic in her blog post, which she aptly titled “An Update From Jo and the Final Episode!” In the post, she wrote, “Back in September when Chip and I posted the blog announcing that this season would be our last, it still seemed so far away. At the time, we were knee-deep in the restaurant renovation, we had filming left to wrap up, and we were working toward finishing up several projects. April felt like it was forever away, but somehow it snuck up on us. Time is funny like that, the days sometimes seem long, but the weeks, months and even years fly past us when we least expect it.”

Time really has flown, and Fixer Upper has become such a staple in the TV-viewing diets of many over the last couple of years. We’ve not only fallen in love with the simple charms of Fixer Upper, but we’ve become real fans of Chip and Joanna, who just might be the most relatable couple to ever appear on HGTV. The love they share and the way they have brought viewers into their sweet life in Waco makes it that much harder to say goodbye to this show even though we know it’s not goodbye forever.

And after Joanna gave us exciting life updates about the family — including Chip bringing some new pets home, details on her beautiful pregnancy with her fifth child and the future of their company, Magnolia — she wrote this touching official goodbye.

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“Today is really bittersweet for us. Fixer Upper is the thing that introduced our family to yours, and every Tuesday night for the past five years, we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen. We’ve said it many times, but it’s worth saying again—thank you to everyone who has walked beside us on this journey. Whether you watched every single show since season one or you are just now tuning in, you all have been a part of this and Chip and I will always be grateful for your support. We’re not saying goodbye! […] We’re so excited for all that’s still to come!” Oh, my gosh. Can someone pass me a tissue? These feels are so real!

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Joanna has certainly been feeling nostalgic in the months leading up to the series finale of Fixer Upper, not missing a beat when it comes to regularly posting old photos and clips on her Instagram from the early days of the show. In a particularly amusing recent post, she shared a clip of her and Chip doing multiple takes for a bit of commentary during their pilot episode. It’s so fun to see how much they’ve grown since then and how comfortable they’ve gotten in front of the camera, because this clip, which highlights just how new they were to the TV-hosting lifestyle, is the most adorably awkward thing. Seriously, it will only endear them to you all the more and have you binge-watching reruns of the show immediately.

If you really think about it, this isn’t really a permanent goodbye. It’s been a long journey to the top for the Gaineses, but it’s clear to see they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, we’ll get to check in on them through social media and, hopefully, through Joanna’s blog as they prepare for baby No. 5, the marathon Chip is training for, their new Magnolia projects and so much more. We’ll still get our Gaines fix that Fixer Upper once provided. So, thanks for the memories, folks. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

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