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Sarah Jessica Parker Can Now Add Shoe Salesman to Her Résumé

Imagine buying a pair of shoes from the shoe queen herself, one Carrie Bradshaw. Can’t decide between the practical work-ready pumps and the bedazzled platform heels? Just ask yourself, “WWCD?” Or you can ask her yourself.

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That’s right. Some lucky New Yorkers got the chance to chat with Sarah Jessica Parker as they were literally buying shoes from her. SPJ opened a pop-up shop for her shoe designs in the Big Apple on Monday, and then she stuck around and personally assisted the salespeople, which included getting down on her hands and knees to fit shoes on some lucky, lucky customers.
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Parker is generally so glam, so seeing her in a sweater and jeans and minimal makeup with her hair in a basic topknot is somehow such a treat. I’m simultaneously squealing at how much I love this and suppressing my jealousy at the women who got to have their shoes fitted by Sarah-freaking-Jessica Parker, who also designed them. BRB. I’m moving to New York immediately because I can’t miss out if another opportunity like this comes along.

Not to mention the fact that SJP wasn’t even the only celebrity present. She was spotted throughout the day stopping her sales duties to give hugs to her famous friends who stopped by, including Andy Cohen. Heaven is a pop-up shoe store, folks.

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Parker has been designing shoes for her SJP line since 2014 when she designed the initial collection for Nordstrom. It’s a natural career choice for Parker, whose breakout role was playing a shoe-obsessed columnist on Sex and the City.

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