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Prince Harry Is Too Grown Up Now for a Raunchy Bachelor Party

Watching Prince Harry grow up, we always imagined his bachelor party would be one of the wildest throw downs that side of the pond had ever seen. He certainly had a rebellious streak growing up, and he was known for being the unruly prince, especially compared to his shy and stately older brother, William. But as Harry’s wedding day draws nearer, we’re realizing more and more that the now-33-year-old prince’s “stag do,” as the British call it, is likely to be pretty tame.

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According to various sources, Harry has put best man William and his best friend Tom Inskip in charge of planning his party, which is likely to take place somewhere secluded and away from the prying eyes of the public and the media. Reports say a small resort in Mexico and a Swiss ski lodge are being considered.

Wherever it takes place, though, a source told Vanity Fair that Harry has been “a lot tamer and less of a party boy” since he met Meghan Markle.

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“He smokes less, although Meghan hasn’t yet managed to get him to quit smoking, and he doesn’t drink as much. He’s determined that there will be no repeats of Vegas on this stag do,” the insider added, referring to an infamous 2012 hotel party where Harry was photographed completely naked after losing a game of strip pool.

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Royal etiquette doesn’t appear to dictate any official rules about stag parties for princes, other than that they’re expected to have them. The tradition began in the time of Sparta, when soldiers would host a feast and toast a man who was about to be married. Now, they’ve evolved to often be whole-weekend affairs rather than just one-night parties. Harry helped plan William’s stag do in 2011, which was basically a house party held at a friend’s secluded estate just outside London. That was widely reported to be quiet and tame, including only William’s closest friends. Time will tell whether Harry will follow in his big brother’s footsteps or have one last hurrah as a single man.

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